Housing & Shelter Case Manager


Under the supervision of the Case Management Supervisor, the Housing & Shelter Case Manager is responsible for oversight of the Northport Group Home (CBRF), housing case management for residents of the Truax property, and intake and case management of guests at the Porchlight Men’s Drop-In Shelter.  The position is a full-time, afternoon and evening position (1:00pm – 9:00pm, Monday – Friday).


Housing Case Management – Northport Group Home:

  1. Obtains referrals of prospective new residents and completes the required resident paperwork.
  2. Maintains accurate and up-to-date checklist of required resident forms in order to ensure compliance with the Group Home audit every other year.
  3. Attends weekly staff meetings.
  4. Collaborates with Group Home staff and Director of Housing in interviewing and accepting clients for housing units.
  5. Oversees Resident Managers in their daily operations of the Group Home, ensuring cleanliness, building codes, room inspections, and other duties.
  6. Mediates client problems.
  7. Notifies proper agencies of such issues as suicidal/homicidal ideation, significant changes in behavior indicating instability, criminal activity/behavior, and parole violations.
  8. Maintains case records/files documenting information in Service Point. Case records are to be up-to-date and available for generating reports, audits, and supervision.
  9. Ensures Resident Managers maintain accurate and up-to-date paperwork, case records, and files.
  10. Provides transportation for clients to various appointments, Porchlight’s Donation Center, and other destinations as needed.
  11. Communicates with Case Managers regarding any concerns with residents or their housing status.
  12. Coordinates with Director of Housing regarding evictions and other problems as they arise.
  13. Maintains professional behavior and boundaries at all times in relationships with clients, other case managers, community agencies, etc.
  14. Maintains appropriate certifications and trainings.
  15. Performs other duties and takes on other responsibilities as requested by the Case Management Supervisor.


Housing Case Management – Truax Property:

  1. Is responsible for the clinical needs of the program and provides clients with supportive social services designed to overcome financial, personal, health, employment, and other case management services as needed.
  2. Completes assessments of program participant needs and goals. Works with participants to develop individual service plans (ISPs) that promote independence, tailored to each participant’s strengths and challenges.  Meets with participants at least once per week.
  3. Serves as the point of contact between CDA and Porchlight Housing; oversees building inspections, cleanliness, etc.
  4. Provides transportation for clients to various appointments, Porchlight’s Donation Center, and other destinations as needed.
  5. Mediates participant-to-participant issues. Assists program participants in maintaining good tenant-landlord relationships.
  6. Develops rapport with program participants based on mutual respect and utilizing active listening skills. Continually engages program participants so they can best benefit from case management.
  7. Inputs data into Wisconsin ServicePoint (WISP), including entries, exits, goals, and points of measurement. Completes data entry in a timely manner; maintains thorough case notes.
  8. Completes monthly housekeeping inspections, delivers late notices, develops payment plans.
  9. Attends monthly supervision meetings with Case Management Supervisor, participates in weekly Porchlight case manager meetings.
  10. Performs other duties and takes on other responsibilities as requested by the Case Management Supervisor.

Shelter Case Management:

  1. Coordinates guest intakes with shelter staff, updating guest records as needed in ServicePoint.
  2. Verifies identification and checks guests into shelter using ShelterPoint.
  3. Assists with creating scan cards and checking guests in using SkanPoint.
  4. Maintains composure in stressful or adverse situations utilizing de-escalation techniques.
  5. Refers guests to appropriate resources to meet their goals, collaborates with service providers working with the guest as needed.
  6. Maintains up-to-date guest information regarding public assistance programs, health insurance, employment, transportation assistance, and housing assistance and enters this data into ServicePoint.
  7. Oversees monthly reports for entry/exits using ServicePoint. At the end of each month, exits guests who have not stayed at the shelter in the past 30 days.
  8. Follows-up on those exiting shelter, gathers information about exit status, and reports this information in ServicePoint.
  9. Coordinates information, entry/exits, and management of the Housing Priority List with Coordinated Entry Staff.
  10. Performs other duties and takes on other responsibilities as requested by the Case Management Supervisor.

Teamwork & Collaboration:

  1. Works in collaboration with program and all other agency staff to facilitate a team environment.
  2. Demonstrates and models effective communication skills in building relationships with all clients and employees.
  3. Creates good working relationships with other service providers.
  4. Participates in the development and implementation of Porchlight’s strategic plan.

Porchlight Values & Culture:

  1. Treats all clients, employees, and visitors with caring, kindness, respect, and dignity.
  2. Helps to create an environment that values and appreciates diversity.
  3. Adheres to all Porchlight policies, procedures, code of conduct, and attendance rules.
  4. Maintains strict confidentiality of all information.
  5. Adheres to Porchlight policies in the use of computer technology and tele-communications devices.
  6. Conducts self within appropriate and expected professional boundaries and policies.


  1. High school diploma required. Bachelor’s degree in Social Work or a related field desired.  Equivalent work experience will also be considered.
  2. Excellent crisis management skills and ability to relate productively with difficult clients.
  3. Excellent organizational and communication skills (including oral and written).
  4. Knowledge of, or ability to quickly learn, local human services resources.
  5. High level of computer skills and/or database management.
  6. Minimum of one year of experience working with low income/homeless population.
  7. Ability to work in a team.
  8. High ethical standards and respect for the disadvantaged.
  9. Training/experience in conflict resolution.
  10. Ability to supply own transportation with own insurance.

Housing & Shelter Case Manager

Full-time, 40 hours per week

1:00pm-9:00pm, Monday-Friday

$16 – $17/hour

Application deadline: 7/1/19

Submit a cover letter and resume to:

Attn: Human Resources


F: (608) 257-2507

306 N Brooks St

Madison, WI 53715