Substance Abuse Counselor/Human Service Assistant

Organization: Tellurian

Location: Madison, WI

Tellurian, Inc. is seeking an individual to work as a hybrid, licensed substance abuse Counselor/Human Services Assistant to work at our Detox facility located in Madison, WI. providing Counseling duties.

Duties include patient intake and monitoring, conducting Alcohol and Drug assessments and evaluating patients for the need for  substance abuse treatment following detoxification; providing counseling and group services; referral and follow-up to the appropriate level of care; documentation of services provided; collecting billing/insurance information.

Person must have knowledge in the following areas:

1)    Knowledge of assistance programs and other resources, and ways in which these resources may be used by people in need.
2)   Ability to relate to people in an unprejudiced and understanding manner with concern for their circumstances and feelings.
3)   Ability to prepare and maintain necessary records and reports and to understand and follow oral or written instructions.
4)   Ability to participate in and appropriately use available supervision.
5)   Clear and concise verbal and written communication skills.
6)   Ability to build coalitions and work collaterally with other related agencies.
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