Organization: The Rainbow Project

Location: Madison, WI

Qualifications for Child, Adult & Family Therapist…

Masters degree in social work, psychology, counseling & guidance, OR other degree required for licensure


Bilingual (English & Spanish) desired

Requires minimum of 2-5 years of experience working/volunteering with & knowledge of the following…

  • Psychotherapy with individuals, couples, families, and/or groups
  • Family dynamics & families affected by family violence, child maltreatment, & other traumatic experiences
  • Young children with special needs
  • Knowledge of early child development, including attachment

Must be sensitive & responsive to the needs of diverse children & families

Must be at least 21-years-old, have a valid driver’s license with a good driving record (OR be able to obtain a license), & be willing to transport children & adults in your car

Must be able to work some evenings & occasional Saturdays

Responsibilities of Child, Adult & Family Therapist…

Direct Services…

  • Plan & implement a child, adult, & family treatment plan that includes assessment/evaluation, parent/caregiver education, home visits, referral, & outside consultation, as needed
  • Consult with caregivers & other clinical team members at The Rainbow Project, Inc. to coordinate services
  • Develop a therapeutic program for each caregiver, child, & family, to improve caregiver/child relationships, & may include caregiver/child sessions, & caregiver groups
  • Coordinate services with other agency representatives involved with the child, caregiver/s, & family, & participate in team meetings with social workers, counselors, foster parents, & others
  • Help caregivers find appropriate childcare, & facilitate successful integration in contacts with the same
  • Serve as a consultant to daycare/school/childcare staff, & provide referral services
  • Maintain up-to-date documentation
  • Provide referral & follow-up for families to other agencies, as needed; provide systems advocacy, when appropriate
  • Lead/co-lead children’s &/OR caregiver education & support groups


Other Duties…

  • Provide training for community organizations & other groups regarding assessment, treatment, & effects of maltreatment, domestic violence, & trauma experienced by families with young children, as well as child development, child behavior management, & children with special emotional/developmental needs
  • Participate in community organizations, task forces, & committees, as required
  • Participate in regular staff meetings & staff trainings
  • Share some fundraising & administrative responsibilities, & participate in program development & evaluation
  • Be familiar with legal issues, public assistance, caregivers’ rights, & children’s rights

To Apply…

To apply for this position, the following application & related materials should be completed by prospective applicants, & returned by the deadline specified…

  1. Application for Employment Form
  2. Application Questions
  3. Background Information Disclosure Form
  4. Demographics form

Application materials listed above are available on the “Careers” page of The Rainbow Project, Inc. website at

Once the above are completed, please print out & submit by…

U.S. Mail…

The Rainbow Project Inc.
831 East Washington Avenue
Madison WI 53703

Or Fax…

(608) 255-0457

The application process is as follows…

  1. ALL applications will be reviewed upon receipt. Select applicants will be invited for a first round in-person question/answer style interview.
  2. From the first round question/answer style interview, select applicants will be invited for a second round experiential style interview. Those invited (for a second round interview) should bring written letters of recommendation from three professional references to the second round interview.
  3. From the second round experiential style interview, references of select applicants will be contacted for professional reference check.
  4. After completing select professional reference checks, an applicant will be chosen to fill the position.

Please note that if none of the applicants are selected, the application process will remain open until an applicant is selected, & may be reposted.

Application Deadline…08/30/2019 OR until position is filled