Mental Health Practitioner/Professional

MHS Job Opening

POSITION TITLE: Mental Health Practitioner/Professional
REPORTS TO: Clinical Supervisor/Clinic Supervisor
QUALIFICATIONS: Mental Health Practitioners are currently working towards licensure for independent clinical practice by a recognized licensing board of the State of Minnesota. Professionals have their current Minnesota license (or are license eligible) and are responsible for maintaining it.
Direct Services/clinic hours: Provide therapy for clients in group and/or individual format. (see our
website for programming that we provide) Full time employment is a 40 hour work week with at least 32 direct service/clinic hours. For the calculation of direct service/clinic hours, MHS uses the simple formula of anything we schedule your time for (clients, programming, training, supervision, etc.) is included in the tally. Part time employment is set at the same 80% of paid hours
Paperwork: After appropriate training is provided by MHS it is the clinician’s responsibility to familiarize them
self with all documentation required. MHS uses Procentive as an EHR system. All staff are provided with initial training and ongoing support in the use of the EHR system. Different programming, reimbursement and populations can have unique paperwork requirements.
Training and consultation: Participate in scheduled weekly group training and weekly case consultation meetings. Twice yearly all staff trainings are also held on various subjects. MHS also sponsors some specialty trainings for clinicians in the Twin Cities and staff is invited to attend these as their schedule allows. New hires receive the training necessary to provide the services assigned and begin their work with a number of days devoted to agency orientation and training. The type and length of that training is tailored to the training needs of the individual.
Supervision: MHS provides weekly group supervision and individual supervision at no cost to the clinician. As a mental health practitioner you are working under the license of a mental health professional. You must meet with this professional for an hour of direct supervision during which you will provide sufficient information to ensure effective and ethical services to MHS clients. You must follow the directives of your clinical supervisor, the clinic supervisor, the director of clinical services, and the owners of MHS. Clinical documentation must be submitted to your supervisor in a timely manner and is to be reviewed as directed by MHS policy. Mental Health Professionals are responsible for completion of all work independently and will meet with clinic supervisors as needed. Staff are required to complete other duties as assigned by supervisor or Director of Clinical Services.
Compensation: MHS provides a competitive salary that is commensurate with your level of experience, a 401k match of up to 5% of your earnings, shared cost health and dental insurance for you and your family, and short term disability is covered at 100% for full time clinicians. MHS covers all license fees, including exam fees and renewal fees. A generous stipend for CEUs of your choice and company funding of CEU opportunities that are job specific are also offered.