Clinical Internship Team Manager

Organization: Journey Mental Health Services

Location: Madison, WI

We have an opening for a Clinical Internship Team Manager in our Organizational Resources program!  The Clinical Team Manager (CTM) within Organizational Resources is responsible for providing supervision to the Advance Practice Clinical Internship Program (APCIP) at Journey Mental Health Center (JMHC), agency wide. The CTM provides culturally sensitive, recovery oriented, and trauma informed training and supervision to the APCIP supervisory staff and interns pertaining to child, adolescent, family, adult mental health, and substance use services. The CTM works closely with the JMHC leadership team; i.e. other managers and team leaders in Outpatient Services, Comprehensive Community Services (CCS), Journey Community programs and Emergency Services, to ensure interns working in specific programs have the knowledge to use specific program documentation and benefit the budgetary requirements of each given program.

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