Organization: AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin

Location: Madison, WI

*This is a regularly-scheduled, part-time position, ~20 hours a week*

Position Purpose

The psychotherapist in the Behavioral Health and Wellness Clinic provides competent, patient/group-centered, best-practice and evidence-based behavioral health and wellness services under the close supervision of the Mental Health Program Coordinator and Clinical Supervisor and the Director of the Behavioral Health and Wellness Clinic.

This position is based in Madison. The primary purpose of this position is to enhance the Clinic’s capacity to provide core psychotherapy including individual, couple, and family services in the clinic that are of high quality. To this end, the psychotherapist will conduct intake, assessment, treatment planning and therapy throughout the care and discharge processes, including follow-up care. However, the psychotherapist is also expected to participate in the delivery of other behavioral health and wellness services that are guided by educational, psycho-educational, and psycho-therapeutic perspectives and at various levels of practice. This is to include providing support to the psychiatric tele-health video-conference service. Furthermore, the psychotherapist has to have an appreciation for the “business behind the business” and be willing to engage in various administrative tasks and duties that support and enhance departmental functioning.

Scope of Responsibilities

  • The AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin (ARCW) is one of the nation’s largest providers of HIV prevention, care and treatment services with a budget over $130 million and employing over 300 professionals. Our organization also includes both St. Louis Effort for AIDS (EFA) and Denver’s Rocky Mountain CARES (RMC).
  • The unique, nationally recognized ARCW HIV Medical Home model of care assures that everyone with HIV has access to medical, dental, mental health and social services and provides the best opportunity for patients to achieve high quality health outcomes. ARCW also provides aggressive HIV prevention services to gay men, injection drug users and others at the highest risk for HIV infection.
  • ARCW operates in the states of WI, CO and MO. It embraces a Market Culture to increase access to care, enhance quality outcomes and achieve and surpass financial performance expectations and has an aggressive plan to expand into additional states.

Position Responsibilities

1. Adhere to Federal, State, and local government regulations while assuring compliance with all ARCW service delivery standards. This includes complying with the ARCW Health Care Corporate Compliance Standards of Conduct and policies and procedures of the Behavioral Health and Wellness Clinic.

2. Participate in the delivery of a variety of behavioral health and wellness services including educational, psycho-educational and psychotherapeutic at various levels of practice, giving primacy to individual, couple, and family psychotherapy. This may require obtaining additional training, specialized expertise, certification, and/or license. The delivery of these services includes providing on-call and after hours care.

3. Participate in administrative tasks related to a variety of behavioral health and wellness services (e.g. program and policy development/maintenance, marketing, research activities) including assisting with the financial/billing tasks of providing patient care.

4. Keep abreast of the changing developments in the treatment of HIV and mental health/substance use conditions.

5. The Psychotherapist (in conjunction with the Program Manager /Clinical Supervisor) ensures that all his/her clinic mental health patients receive quality assessments and an accurate diagnosis including initial screening and appropriate referral for chemical dependency and/or AODA issues, facilitate admission to treatment facilities and provide follow-up interventions as necessary.

6. Prepare, formulate and evaluate an appropriate treatment plan for each assigned patient, based on assessment and diagnosis, focusing on improving each patients’ total quality of life.

7. Manage each treatment plan in consultation with appropriate persons and service providers.

8. Act as a liaison between patients and their collateral contacts.

9. Prepare accurate and timely reports, correspondence and patient record documentation. Involvement in quality initiatives is required.

10. Ensure that all necessary information, documents, and evaluations are in the official case record.

11. Develop knowledge of and maintain regular communication with the emerging specialized service providers and other circles of care/treatment providers (agency and community resources) to facilitate patient access and to continually coordinate care.

12. Actively participate in the Behavioral Health and Wellness Clinic staff meetings, individual and group supervision sessions, and continuing education events/training.

13. Regularly report to the Mental Health Program Coordinator/Clinical Supervisor on all assigned responsibilities.

14. Any and all other duties assigned by the Mental Health Program Coordinator/Clinical Supervisor and the Director of Behavioral Health and Wellness.

Required Qualifications

  • · Live out, on a daily basis, ARCW’s mission.
  • · Adhere to the Code of Ethics of one’s chosen profession.
  • · An accredited Masters degree in Social Work or Counseling.
  • · Wisconsin Licensure as an LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker), Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), or Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC).
  • · Knowledge of, and a skill base for behavioral health and wellness programming, especially mental health services.
  • · Experience in providing behavioral health and wellness services, especially mental health services.
  • · Understanding of a variety of best-practices and evidence-based practices in
  • · behavioral health and wellness.
  • · An understanding that as a psychotherapist in the Behavioral Health and Wellness Clinic, you serve as one member of team offering services statewide and that you may need to provide services (e.g. in another clinic location, at a satellite site) or participate in clinic functions on an interim or periodic basis (e.g. covering vacant positions, attending staff and/or clinical supervision meetings, participating in trainings) extending beyond your primary location of hire.
  • · Satisfactory Caregiver and Criminal Background Checks.
  • · Valid Wisconsin Driver’s License
  • · Has an Insurable Driving Record
  • · Access to a reliable insured vehicle
  • · An Influenza vaccine is required of all new employees at the time of employment, and is required thereafter on an annual basis
  • · A tuberculin/TB skin test is required of all new employees at the time of employment, and may be required thereafter on an annual basis, depending on position.
  • · Ability to type along with a working knowledge of the following software/systems:
    • Word processing
    •  Spreadsheet
    • Windows Operating
    •  Internet
    • Database

Preferred Qualifications

  • · Demonstrated commitment to cultural sensitivity and cultural accountability.
  • · Knowledge of and sensitivity to the HIV/AIDS patient population.
  • · Strong critical thinking skills.
  • · Exemplary customer service skills.
  • · Excellent work relations skills.
  • · Exemplary communication skills.
  • · Ability to be flexible in hours.
  • · Effective organizational skills.
  • · Strong ability to work with a diverse population of colleagues, patients, and community constituents.


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Psychotherapist – AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin