Supportive Services Coordinator


Under the supervision of Director of Housing, the Supportive Services Coordinator has responsibility for the clinical services of the program and is expected to provide clients with direct, on-site, supportive social services designed to overcome financial, personal, health, employment and other functional problems; resulting in improvement of quality of life while residing in Porchlight housing. Individual assessment of functioning, intervention, problem solving, and housing retention assistance for individuals most at risk of losing housing (assist all clients in maintaining their permanent housing). A primary focus on this position is creative and proactive service provision to a diverse population.


1. Interviews and accepts clients for housing units.
2. Performs case management services for Porchlight clients: assessment and achievement planning, including development of case plans for each resident as indicated by need.
3. Conducts intake interviews with all new Brooks St residents and collect demographic information for reporting purposes.
4. Provides supportive communication and contact with residents of SRO housing aimed at assessing monitoring and – when necessary – intervening with residents to support a consistent progressive level of functioning.
5. Provides individual counseling as part of achievement planning and goal achievement for clients.
6. Acts as an advocate for residents as they engage supportive services through external agencies.
7. Assists residents in applying for financial assistance (i.e. eviction prevention or security deposit dollars).
8. Refers and/or assist clients to/with community agencies for social, educational, medical, AODA, mental health, financial, insurance, etc. services based on assessment and achievement goals. Follows up to ensure that clients utilize referrals.
9. Conducts outreach efforts and coordinate services with other human services agencies to develop and maintain a fluid system of wrap-around case management services which benefit and support the resident.
10. Gathers and maintains case records/files using the standard form. Enters/exits all resident clients into Service Point. Case records are to be up to date and available for generating reports, audits, grant writing, supervision, and research.
11. Coordinates personal care for clients with extreme mental health and physical disabilities as needed.
12. Assists in active job searching; mock interviews, resumes, job leads, obtaining appropriate attire, etc.
13. Provides extensive researching & placement for individuals with high needs – no longer appropriate for living at Brooks St. (due to aging, sickness, disabilities, etc.)
14. Works in conjunction with the Director of Housing to find mutually acceptable solutions for problems/situations that could threaten resident housing – including mediating client to client problems.
15. Assists clients in budget and rent payment monthly.
16. Takes clients to area pantries when needed.
17. Conducts monthly housekeeping inspections.
18. Assists in eliminating bed bugs in Brooks St. building.
19. Notifies proper agencies of such issues as suicidal/homicidal ideation, significant changes in behavior indicating instability, criminal activity/behavior, and parole violations.
20. Maintains professional behavior and boundaries at all times in relationships with clients, landlords, community agencies.
21. Attends and is involved in community meetings/activities pertaining to homelessness, fair housing, supportive service agencies, advocacy, etc.
22. Meets weekly for supervision with Director of Housing.
23. Attends Case Management Meetings and other meetings as required by Director of Housing.
24. Performs other duties and responsibilities as requested by the Director of Housing.

Teamwork & Collaboration:

1. Works in collaboration with program and all other agency staff to facilitate a team environment.
2. Demonstrates and models effective communication skills in building relationships with all clients and employees.
3. Creates good working relationships with other service providers.
4. Participates in the development and implementation of Porchlight’s strategic plan.

Porchlight Values & Culture:

1. Treats all clients, employees, and visitors with caring, kindness, respect, and dignity.
2. Helps to create an environment that values and appreciates diversity.
3. Adheres to all Porchlight policies, procedures, code of conduct, and attendance rules.
4. Maintains strict confidentiality of all information.
5. Adheres to Porchlight policies in the use of computer technology and tele-communications devices.
6. Conducts self within appropriate and expected professional boundaries and policies.


1. Excellent crisis management skills and ability to relate productively with difficult clients.
2. Excellent organizing and writing skills, fluent computer Microsoft Office knowledge.
3. Knowledge of, or ability to quickly learn, local human services resources.
4. Minimum of two years experience working with low income/homeless population.
5. Ability to work in a team.
6. High ethical standards, boundaries, and respect for the disadvantaged.
7. Training/experience in conflict resolution.
8. Ability to supply own transportation with own insurance.

Pay: $15-17 per hour

Hours: 40 hours per week

To apply, please submit a cover letter, resume and Porchlight Employment Application to: 
Human Resources

Porchlight, Inc.

P: (608) 257-2534 ext. 18

F: (608) 257-2507

306 N. Brooks St.

Madison, WI 53715

Employment Application can be found at