Program Support Specialist

We have an opening for a Program Support Specialist in our Forward Solutions program!  Under the direct supervision of the Clinical Team Manager, the Program Support Specialist(PSSIII) assists the teams with the organization, administration and coordination of the operations of Forward Solutions CSP (FS).

Journey Mental Health Center (JMHC) is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. It is the agency’s belief that staff diversity and cultural humility are the foundation for services, which are accessible, effective, and relevant to the diverse needs of our consumers.

It is important that we choose employees that reflect our mission, vision and values, thus our selection process is thorough and sometimes longer than other employers.

Thank you in advance for providing us with complete and accurate application materials and for your patience when waiting to hear from us.

Though you may have excellent experience, strong work ethic and passion for recovery, due to our funding contractual agreements, candidates we hire must meet the Essential Qualifications specified in the job postings in order to be offered an interview. Please review the qualifications carefully. We wouldn’t want you to put effort into your application materials if you don’t meet the essential qualifications.

You can read about the many benefits of working at JMHC on our careers page.



  • Consumer/public interaction in person and through phone contact.
  • Knowledge of and experience using confidentiality principles and guidelines.
  • Ability to deliver direct services to consumers demonstrating respect and principles of recovery and cultural sensitivity.
  • Ability to work independently and set priorities with minimal supervision from Clinical Team Manager.
  • Computer experience including a variety of formats to make technology accessible to clinicians.
  • Commitment to work toward improving cultural sensitivity as demonstrated by valuing difference/diversity; recognizing personal limitations in one’s sensitivities and expertise and having the desire to improve in these areas.
  • Accurate and prompt work processing ability.
  • Ability to manage and balance basic accounting systems.
  • Clerical and accounting experience.
  • Excellent writing, editing and organization skills.
  • Possession of a valid driver’s license, a favorable driving record, adequate insurance (per state law) and access to a vehicle.


  • Experience in a mental health setting working directly with consumers with mental health issues.
  • Computer experience with a Macintosh system.
  • Ability to individually tailor and provide in depth computer training and support to a staff member who has not been formally trained in that area.
  • Experience and expertise in performing clerical and secretarial duties in a culturally sensitive manner and setting so as to have a positive influence in cross cultural service delivery.

A.  Administrative

  1. Do basic accounting tasks related to updating the FS accounts.
  2. Maintain databases for statistical analysis, and compile and update lists.
  3. Serve as computer specialist to the team.
  4. Maintain program filing system, both hard copy and electronic.
  5. Maintain and update team daily schedule books.
  6. Participate in the orientation of CSP visitors.
  7. Assist in the orientation and training of new staff and students to the CSP team.
  8. Assist in coordinating maintenance of program vehicles.

B.  Programmatic

  1. Work with and serve as an initial contact for consumers who come into the office.
  2. Assist staff in establishing priorities for responding to individuals in crisis when there are simultaneous requests both on-site and on the phone.
  3. Assist with the management of consumers and community members in emergencies, on the telephone or face to face.
  4. Respond to staff requests for emergency assistance.
  5. Demonstrate excellent people skills and principles of consumer/customer satisfaction.
  6. Demonstration and utilization of general cross-cultural skills and specific cultural sensitivities.
  7. Answer telephones and utilize general knowledge of consumers and understanding of their illnesses, comprehension of the mental health system and of community resources while maintaining and adhering to confidentiality guidelines.
  8. Coordinate activities and/or meetings with other program support specialists.
  9. Attend and participate in team meetings.
  10. Attend and participate in in-service training, conferences and outside training programs as authorized and directed by Clinical Team Manger.
  11. Responsible for the timely execution of the consumer money program including preparing re-deposits, ordering cash from bank, daily bank transactions, printing weekly money labels, counting and packaging money, paying consumer bills, managing consumer incentive reimbursements and other financial duties as assigned.
  12. Deliver and obtain interdepartmental mail and outgoing mail to JMHC daily as needed when regular mail delivery is not available.
  13. Observe consumers take medication in the office and document observations, as needed.

C.  General Program and Agency Responsibilities

  1. Design, develop, update and print program forms and brochures.
  2. Coordinate and order supply inventory.
  3. Coordinate building maintenance needs.
  4. Work actively and positively to maintain good working relationships between other JMHC programs, vendors and other community members.
  5. Work to improve own cultural sensitivity by participating in the development and implementation of program strategies to continue to improve the cultural sensitivity of the program’s services.
  6. Responsible for maintaining a welcoming and comfortable waiting area environment.

The above statements are not to be interpreted as an exhaustive list, but are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by this employee.

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