Red Caboose Day Care Center, Inc.

Red Caboose School Age Program (SAP)

Overall Responsibilities

Responsibilities include providing direct care for children; planning and implementing developmentally appropriate activities designed to meet the social-emotional, cognitive, creative and physical needs of children in a particular program; working together with other staff; communicating with parents; and providing a warm and safe environment for children to grow and learn, in accordance with the goals and policies of Red Caboose. This position must be able to treat each child and their families with respect, dignity, and caring; and be supportive of cultural differences, special needs, and different family structures. The teacher is supervised and evaluated by the Site Supervisor. This position is represented by the Wisconsin Child Care Union.


  • Education – Must meet State Licensing requirements for teacher; may substitute classes in elementary education, physical education, recreation, or related field.
  • Experience – Prefer at least one year experience; prefer experience with age group of position or equivalent.
  • Physical – Must be able to participate in physical activities with the children (such as swimming, games and walking field trips); must be able to keep children safe in an emergency (such as moving or guiding children to safety as needed). Must be able to set-up/take down cafeteria tables, carry snack, move equipment, etc.
  • Skills – Must demonstrate problem-solving, organizational, interpersonal, and communication skills.

 Teacher Duties

  1. Child Interaction
    1. Interact appropriately with children during all phases of the day (including planned and unplanned activities, meal times, field trips, and transitions) in a warm, accepting and nurturing way.
    2. Be aware of each child’s needs and developmental level.
    3. Guide children’s growth in accordance with the Red Caboose SAP’s mission statement.
    4. Provide consistent, positive limits and expectations, and use positive child guidance techniques.
    5. Oversee the entire classroom and follow Red Caboose School Age tracking procedures.
    6. Ensure the health and safety of the children: maintain knowledge of and administer first aid; respond to emergencies; know and execute fire drill procedures; dispense and record medication; and report accidents according to Red Caboose procedures.
  2. Parent Relations
    1. Communicate with parents on a regular basis through conversation, parent logs and newsletters, for the purpose of exchanging information, maintaining a positive rapport and relationship between home and after school, and encouraging parent involvement in the program, and meet with parents when requested or necessary.
    2. Coordination of activities with SAP staff
    3. Exchange knowledge and skills with other staff in the areas of child development and related issues.
    4. Participate in Committee and Board work, workdays, potlucks, and other program-wide activities.
    5. Attend and participate in weekly site-specific and room meetings.
    6. Respect and follow school rules and space.
    7. Maintain professional, respectful, and cooperative relationships with all co-workers and Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) staff.
    8. Serve as an ongoing mentor and model to new staff, substitutes, and volunteers.
  3. Program Planning and Implementation
    1. Plan and carry out daily curriculum; provide a variety of developmentally appropriate activities, experiences, and materials that are selected to engage children in active, meaningful learning.
    2. Plan short and long range goals with other staff.
    3. Maintain the room in an attractive and safe manner to ensure an environment conducive to learning and playing. Change art displays, dramatic play areas, accessible materials, and room arrangement regularly.
    4. Plan activities in accordance with MMSD “academic time” guidelines.
    5. Help maintain common areas in the school. (i.e. storage spaces)
  4. E) Other duties
    1. Obtain a substitute in case of planned absence.
    2. Fulfill in-service/continuing education requirements.
    3. Comply with Red Caboose policies and work rules, MMSD policies, accreditation standards, and State Licensing regulations.
    4. Maintain confidentiality regarding all center staff, children, and families.
    5. Comply with the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Code of Ethical Conduct (attached)
    6. Fully participate in the accreditation process yearly.
    7.  Attend monthly all-staff meetings and other center-wide activities.
    8. Other duties that fall within the scope of the job description as directed by your supervisor.