Turning Point Advisor

Job Title: Turning Point Advisor

Hours: Full Time Position

Benefits: Full benefit package including 401K, vacation time, and health care stipend

Pay range: $40,000-$45,000 per year

Start date: June 1, 2020

Now Hiring! Turning Point is a NEW transition academy geared towards helping individuals with disabilities learn independent living skills and work in the Madison community. This is a 9-month program, that runs September through May. The program will include classroom style teaching in the morning, followed by paid work experience in the community. The goal of the program is to increase independent living skills and establish meaningful work.

Do you want the opportunity to be a part of something new, and much needed in the Madison community? Then this is your chance, to join an established employment agency, Feist Vocational Counseling and Placement, in implementing a new Business Endeavor.

Job duties:

  • Develop and implement Turning Point Curriculum, in tandem with My Full Life Curriculum
  • Conduct lesson plans on a daily basis, including group activities, guest speakers, field trips and more!
  • Assist in goal planning and progress meetings with students and their treatment teams ensuring goals are met
  • Track progress, and provide constructive feedback to participants
  • Cultivate relationships with local area employers, to continue Internship and Permanent Job Placement
  • Complete necessary internship paperwork and documentation
  • Host Open House, social activities and participate in local events to market and network for Turning Point
  • Work collaboratively and provide supervision to a team of Turning Point Trainers, that will provide supports to participants at their work sites

Key Qualities:

  • Ability to facilitate and implement curriculum to a group of 12-15 students with disabilities
  • Have a basic understanding of disabilities, symptoms, medications, behavior management and strength-based perspective in skill building
  • Strong communication skills, including public speaking, goal planning sessions and working with local employers
  • Ability to work in a classroom setting and community employment setting, interchangeably throughout each day
  • Natural ability to develop trusting relationships with participants and their families
  • Strong desire to create, implement and re-assess program’s core functions
  • Ability to provide classroom management, trouble shoot and manage intrapersonal concerns among participants
  • Have a positive “can-do” attitude

Qualified applicants will have their bachelor’s degree in Education, Special Education, Rehabilitation Psychology, Counseling Psychology or related field. Looking for a minimum of a 3-year commitment, to establish program identity and success.

Interested applicants should follow the next steps:

  1. Submit Cover letter, reference list or letter of recommendations (3), and resume to Kimberly Nonn : Kimberly@feistvcp.com
  2. Complete DISC Profile (Kimberly Nonn will email to you)
  3. Arrange phone interview
  4. Two, in person interviews to follow including presentation (Planning and implementation) to a group of 3-4 individuals at our REACH – Social Class