Postive Energy

Work Setting: Professional Development System

Erin Nasgovitz

When our group (WCWPDS) suddenly received emails of mandatory Zoom meetings, I’m sure I’m not the only staff person who felt anxious and afraid of the unknown. We received word that in two weeks time we needed to cultivate, create, narrate, and post 30 minute learning modules to support Non-Child Protective Services workers to perform CPS functions on an emergency basis. It takes years to learn the CPS function so this is a big deal!

We did not rise to this challenge alone, but as a group we did it incredibly well. Our meetings regarding our tasks did not involve complaints about pressure or long hours, but rather positivity and support for one another. We hope the training modules will not be needed due to a CPS worker shortage, however, they exist and portray a lot of hard work and dedication to supporting our counties and the field of social work. Seeing how the group came together to complete a difficult assignment made me proud to work with my colleagues and be a part of the School of Social Work.


The training modules can be viewed here: