Work-Ordered Day Program Coordinator

Work-Ordered Day Program Coordinator

Organization: Racine Friendship Clubhouse

Location: Racine, WI

Racine Friendship Clubhouse (RFC) is celebrating 25 years supporting adults living with mental illness to reach their social, educational, and vocational goals.  RFC is a small non-profit with a dedicated staff and board of directors.  Every team member is valuable and your ideas and suggestions are welcome.

Job Description:

The Work-Ordered Day Program Coordinator (WODPC) at Racine Friendship Clubhouse models Clubhouse values (for more info on what a Clubhouse is, visit our website)in all aspects of job responsibility.  They promote the empowerment, strengths and recovery of individual members (referred to as clients or patients in other programs).  They model working side by side with members as respected colleagues to enhance members’ self esteem, confidence, hope, skills, opportunity and sense of community.  Members who have a history of serious and persistent mental illness bring many gifts to their own and others’ recovery.  The WODPC works side by side with members in fulfilling the day to day work of the Clubhouse, helping to coach members at specific tasks and supporting members’ recovery goals.  The WODPC is committed to providing services that value diversity, are inclusive and promote multiculturalism.  The WODPC works independently to meet production expectations and all required paperwork.  The WODPC is a strong team player and promotes a team approach with other colleagues and efforts throughout the Clubhouse.  The WODPC works in conjunction with the Community Engagement Coordinator (CEC).


· Undergraduate degree in related Human Service field.

· Bachelor’s degree in Human Service related field (or equivalent) with 2 years relevant experience preferred.

· Wisconsin Peer Specialist Certification preferred.

· Demonstrated ability and skill to work side by side with members who are living with mental illness as colleagues in meaningful Clubhouse work to enhance members’ self-esteem, hope and sense of community.

· Demonstrated ability and skills to provide strength-based services to persons with serious mental illness.

· Demonstrated ability and skills to learn, teach, and coach task specific skills.

· Demonstrated ability and skills to work effectively as a member of a team.

· Experience and skill in providing cross-cultural services, with solid working relationships with communities of diversity.

· Valid driver’s license.

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