School Social Workers and Alumni Meet Family Needs in Madison Schools

Early on in the pandemic, school social workers in 14 Madison, WI schools banned together and formed the Madison West High Area Collaborative. The group provides and coordinates a variety of services, including food distribution and rent assistance to families. Alumna Shaya Schreiber, MSW ’11, expressing admiration for the families they serve explains that she appreciates, “how families can open up and share the uncomfortable” situations they face with others when they’re in need, “if it’s food, if it’s diapers, if it’s rent.”“It hasn’t been easy for some families to reach out to us, but when they do I think it’s been a relief for them.” Other school alumni taking part in these efforts include Eve Bertrand, ’13 Laura Glaub, ’18, , Megan Jackson, ’92, Katie Larsen-Klodd, ’96, Meredith Newby, ’15, Abby Ray, MSW ’18.

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