Psychiatric Technician – Crisis

  • Salary: $14.65 – $19.02 Hourly
  • Location: Health Care Center, 3530 N. County Road F, Janesville, WI
  • Job Type: Part Time
  • Department: Human Services
  • Job Number: RC-0802705
  • Closing date and time: Continuous

Position Summary and Job Duties

We are currently recruiting for multiple .4 Psychiatric Technicians to work 16 hours per week. Available shifts are listed below:
1:30p – 10:00p
10:45p – 7:15a

Please note:  These are 0.4 positions with a set schedule of 8 shifts per month; but there is an expectation that the qualified candidates would have the availability to pick up extra shifts to cover call offs, benefit time requests and mandation up to 40 hours per week.

During the first 8 weeks of employment the qualified candidates need to have the ability to work outside of their set schedule to train across all PT shifts and attend classroom trainings during business hours

After training the qualified candidates need to have the ability to attend monthly and quarterly staff meetings and trainings. 

Psychiatric Technicians serve in a multifaceted capacity to support the crisis intervention unit by answering the crisis phone line, triaging client needs, and guiding crisis intervention worker assignments in addition to other paraprofessional roles of working independently and directly with clients to complete paperwork for pending inpatient admissions and discharges, provide transport, and providing support to clients receiving crisis stabilization services such as medication delivery, welfare checks, and phone prompts to clients.

Front line responder to Crisis Intervention phone line

1. Serve in a front line capacity on the crisis phone line – answer all incoming calls

2. Triage need for crisis response and assign crisis calls to crisis workers

3. Assist callers with support and informational calls

4. Track crisis workers locations and times for mobile responses

Complete administrative paperwork for client inpatient admissions/discharges

1. Complete all financial, clients rights, client possessions, consent forms, and other

necessary forms, prior to facilitating the transfer of admission documentation to

the contracted facilities.

2. Copy all necessary forms required for admissions

3. Obtain client records as needed from the county outpatient clinics or closed records.

4. Assist in updating crisis plans and necessary accounting forms.

5. Complete daily charge sheets and all required documentation in DAP formatting for

all client contacts and all contacts on behalf of clients.

Provide direct client support by engaging with clients in person and by phone and providing assistance with problems solving and symptom management

1. Delivering and observing medication self administration for identified clients

2. Sit with clients at HCC who are not directly observed by police, crisis worker, or


3. Provide urgent crisis management related assignments tot he registered clients for

the County’s mental health programs (JCC, BCC, CSPs, FCS, etc…)

4. Accompany security staff to and from transport vehicle and HCC to assist client in

getting safely secured in the car.

Transportation of crisis clients to and from inpatient hospitals, detoxification services, crisis stabilization services, doctors visits and other community appointments

1. Transport clients to or from inpatient hospitalizations when security staff are not


2. Receive all requests for transportation and coordinate transportation schedule with

security staff.

3. Maintain transport request log and transportation schedule with in/out times for

safety measures.

4. Notify security guard when client to be transported has MA for billing purposes.

5. Complete thorough search of the client or arrange to have it done by security staff

or law enforcement before transport.

Assist with administrative housekeeping

1. Complete daily filing, organizing client records and documents.

2. Making copies of necessary paperwork and other similar functions which facilitate

the smooth workflow and information exchange in the crisis unit.

Other Duties as assigned

Success Factors (KSA’s)

Knowledge of the needs of persons experiencing acute and or long term psychiatric illness, chemical dependency, and co-occurring disorders.

Knowledge of community resources.

Ability to respond with empathy to clients and maintain unconditional positive regard.

Ability to keep confidential information confidential.

Ability to observe and document behaviors and responses of clients.

Ability to react efficiently and calmly to crisis situations.

Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.

Skills in multitasking and organizing information.

Job Requirements, Education, Training & Experience

Graduation from High School or GED equivalent

– 60 college /college transferable credits

– emphasis in counseling, social work, psychology, human services, or a combination of training and experience

Must possess and maintain a current unrestricted (not due to corrective lenses) driver’s license and auto insurance pursuant to the Rock County Administrative Policy and Procedure 5.02 and 5.27.

Essential Job Functions (physical elements, equipment and working conditions)

Physical Elements:

– Occasional bending, kneeling and reaching, standing, sitting, or driving for long periods of time.

– Lifting up to 40 lbs.

Equipment Use:

Telephone- Frequent

-Computer- frequent

Working conditions:

– Indoor office location and community based work including work in client homes, agencies and

other community based locations.

– Potential exposure to physically or verbally abusive clients

To apply, go to: