Residential Case Manager

Job Description

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POSITION TITLE: Residential Case Manager (RCM)
REPORTS TO: FLSA STATUS: Executive Director Exempt

Under the general supervision and management of the Executive Director, the RCM is responsible for home management, case management, staff supervision, mentoring of staff, training staff, advocacy, medical/health coordination and monitoring, and promoting consumers’ independence to the greatest extent possible through all phases of the aging process. This consists of helping consumers create a home, making sure details of the home are taken care of, all phases of training, communication with guardian and care team, providing direction to staff, and ensuring that plans for consumers’ home life, relationship life, work life, spiritual life are carried out while helping maintain health and safety. The RCM is responsible for managing the daily functions of RISE UP in conformance with policies, procedures and standards set by RISE UP, Family Care/IRIS requirements, Medical Assistance/Medicare, or other as required. This position may also require direct consumer support; scheduling; serving as an agency Fact Finder; representative payee duties and participating in an after-hours on call rotation.


50% A. Supervision of staff, volunteers and students:
1. Assign and provide oversight in scheduling staff to carry out various components of daily operations.
2. Coordinate all team activities around participant status changes, i.e. change in residence, medication, hospitalization, community building, transportation, etc.
3. Routinely communicate and implement program goals, philosophy and policies to staff. Ensure staff are kept informed of overall RISE UP issues, agency and human resources policies and procedures.
4. Assist in the development of organizational policies and position descriptions for staff.
5. Participate in the interviewing and selection process of support staff, peers and other agency employees.
6. Carry out orientation/training programs and mentoring activities for new staff.
7. Clearly describe duties, responsibilities and role to each staff member. Coach and model roles (or arrange other RISE UP staff to do so). Spend one-one time with each staff member. Encourage and recognize performance.
8. With the Executive Director and with the participation of the staff member/consumers/team, periodically review each staff member’s performance based on Position Description, expectation and individual & consumer goals.
9. In conjunction with the Executive Director, conduct the employee improvement plan/progressive discipline process from verbal coaching through termination, when performance is not meeting expectations or when a violation of work rules occurs.
10. Assist in the recruitment, orientation/training and supervision of volunteers or students.
11. Ensure staff are educated on Abuse/Neglect Policy & Abandonment Issues, Confidentiality, and their role as a mandatory reporter as well an Emergency Planning and Safety.
12. Ensure details of each home are completed: shopping, banking, meal planning, house chores, personal cares, medication coordination/administration and all other aspects.
13. Ensure that the health and safety for each consumer is being maintained by staff including cleaning and maintenance of consumer homes.
14. Help organize and facilitate quarterly team meetings for each home, person-centered meetings or other as needed.
15. Make sure support staff are consumer focused and that each staff person follows individual plans for each person they support, in conjunction with the Support Brokers, Care Managers or other external team members.
16. Model person-centered approaches to staff or find experts in person-centered planning that can be utilized.
17. Maintain communication with Executive Director and Office Manager.

20% B. Case Management and Advocacy:
1. Confer with family, caregivers, guardians, health care providers and other support services to insure continuity and maximum development in all areas of consumers’ life (medical, social, vocational, etc.).
2. Complete residential support plans, life skills assessment, risk assessment and safety plan, and other documentation required by Rise Up, Dane County or funding sources in an accurate and timely manner.
3. Facilitate and document meetings around Behavioral Plans.
4. Facilitate house meetings that are consumer focused.
5. Accompany consumers to routine and acute medical appointments, and to all other medical appointments (i.e. surgery, etc.) as needed in order to coordinate and complete all phases of health and medical monitoring.
6. Act as an advocate on consumers’ behalf in all aspects of a person’s life.
7. Assisting consumers with all phases of home, having a home and being part of a neighborhood.
8. Lead the home support teams in championing participant and family/guardian satisfaction every day.
9. Provide oversight to the planning and implementation of individual and group activities, community connections, special events and outings and help support staff understand the importance of these connections.

10% C. Consumer Management:
1. Manage the personal funds of each consumer to the penny. Keep records of all use of consumer funds filing required tax forms yearly on a timely basis. Tasks include but are not limited to; banking, petty cash, grocery money, check books, spend downs reconciling bank statements, communication with Representative Payee or other tasks as assigned.
2. Monitor and be aware of consumers health and medications which will include: a. Coordinate oversight of all medications and medication administration. b. Communicating with support workers, family members/guardian, nursing staff and Executive Director about all health/medical information as it transpires. c. Involving consumer’s physician, MA nurse, guardians and other healthcare providers in acute medical situations. d. Ensuring that all home support staff and guardians are informed in a timely basis regarding medical and financial issues.
3. Help consumers maintain their Medical Assistance, Food Share eligibility or other equivalent.
Maintain all aspects of consumer files.
5. Maintain staff and consumer confidentiality at all times.

10% D. Direct Consumer Support in General and in Emergency Situations:
1. Provide direct support in situations to enhance lives in the community, deepening relationships and in activities that give value.
2. Plan, support and/or accompany people to be a part of activities in their homes and communities which, include: upkeep of home, grocery shopping, banking, cooking, going to church, coffee shops, health clubs, supporting consumers in volunteer work or jobs, seeing friends, or other duties as needed in staffing emergencies.
3. Provide “Personal Care” — this term refers to assistance with creating and maintaining a positive, personal appearance (clothing choices, dressing, bathing, grooming, etc.) in staffing emergencies.
4. Help with meals (planning, shopping, food preparation.) as needed.
5. Assist with household needs (laundry, cleaning, errands) as needed.
6. Serve as on-call scheduler or Administrator on call; respond to calls outside of normal working hours as needed from staff or other managers regarding health and safety needs of the people we serve.
7. Gather information as a Fact Finder as needed and participate in required Fact Finder trainings.
8. Assist each person to develop and maintain friendships and family relationships (or direct staff to do so), based on the individual’s wants and needs, i.e., purchasing of a birthday or thank you card up to and including helping consumers reconnect with their family or friends for the first time in years.
9. Help consumers and staff with hospitality in the homes and neighborhood. Encourage and coordinate birthday parties, dinner parties or regular visitors to come to consumers’ home on a regular basis or direct home support staff to do so.
10. Help consumers and staff to effectively and respectfully communicate their needs and wishes to others.
11. Carry out plans that are the collaborative efforts of the team in staffing emergencies.

10% E. Other:
1. Attend all required meetings, in-services, trainings, team meetings, and meet all required health screening obligations
2. Complete record keeping in homes such as; log book for staff to record in, behavioral data charts and creating medication, personal care, toileting, and mealtime logs for home support staff. Keep all required documentation up to date.
3. Participate in planning process around retirement for consumers when applicable.
4. Participate in planning process around end of life coordination (assistance in or coordination of funeral arrangements, organ donation, burial wishes of the consumer/team, etc.).

5. Participate in forwarding the mission and goals of RISE UP.
6. Participate in and take responsibility for own learning, seeking feedback in performance and actively participate in self and peer performance appraisal.
7. Empower each consumer to direct his/her own life as independently as possible.
8. Demonstrate respect for consumer. Maintain a cooperative, confidential and supportive work relationship with consumers, family, guardian, medical professionals, community members, and RISE UP staff at all times.
9. Build network with professional associations, community resources, training institutions, etc.
10. Perform other duties as assigned.


Requirements of this position include a variety of knowledge, skills and abilities, encompassing but not limited to:
• Bachelors’ degree in health or human services related field and one year of experience in working with people with disabilities or through an equivalent combination of training, education and experience of four years required.
• Previous experience with case management preferred.
• Previous experience with consumers’ changing health needs and staff leadership required.
• Previous experience with staff supervision preferred.
• Experience in the use of computer applications, word processing and spreadsheets required. Experience with Microsoft Office
Suite (Word, Excel) preferred.
• Knowledge of and demonstrated ability with good nutrition for the elderly preferred.
• Effective conflict management skills when dealing with caregivers, guardians, property owners, agencies, and others required.
• Effective customer service skills required.
• Effective oral and written communication skills required.
• Ability to take risks by trying new things, meeting new people, and going to new places with consumers to enhance the quality of their lives required.
• Ability to cope with and support consumers, caregivers and family around medical, social and end of life issues is required.
• Ability to work independently yet also function effectively in a team environment required.
• Ability to effectively develop, collaborate, and maintain effective working relationships with a variety of staff required.
• Ability to function effectively in a fast paced and changing environment with multiple priorities and objectives required.
• Ability to coordinate the procurement of durable medical equipment required.
• Ability to coordinate financial, medical and household tasks required.
• Ability to type required.
• Ability to bend, lift, reach, kneel, and do household and yard work required.
• Proof of valid State of Wisconsin driver’s license in good standing, basic liability automobile insurance and reliable transportation required.

Position descriptions are not intended to be and should not be construed to be a complete list of all the duties and responsibilities performed by incumbents. Further, they do not represent a complete list of all the performance expectations or the characteristics of individuals required to perform the job adequately. Duties,
responsibilities and expectations may be added, deleted, or modified at any time at the discretion of RISE UP management. It is RISE UP’s policy to base hiring decisions solely on an individual’s ability to perform essential job functions. Persons with disabilities are eligible for this position provided they can perform those functions with reasonable accommodation.

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $38,000.00 – $40,000.00 per year

COVID-19 considerations:
Employees must wear a mask at all times when at work or during the course of work. The work we do is considered essential since the people we support need support and care during the pandemic.