Family Services Manager

Salary: $57,622.50 – $74,061.00 Annually
Location: Washburn, WI
Job Type: Full-Time
Department: Human Services
Job Number: 2021-01
Closing: 1/31/2021 11:59 PM Central
To perform the management functions of the Family Services section in the Department of Human Services. This includes the planning, organizing, and direction of services to families needing assistance in the areas of child protection, delinquency, out-of-home placement, mental health, and substance abuse issues.  It also includes managing and supervising the Family Services Section staff and ensuring the health and safety of individuals receiving family services.

Examples of Duties

        A.      Program and Budget

  1. Maintain a working knowledge of and interpret program rules, manuals, and regulations; develop and maintain policies and procedures; and develop and maintain standards to monitor compliance and evaluate quality.
  2. Assist in the development of program plans and budgets, monitor plan compliance, and regularly review expenditure reports/financial statements.
  3. Maintain a working knowledge of state data systems, provide operating instructions to staff users, and be knowledgeable of available reports and appropriate report use.
  4. Prepare and present periodic reports to the Board and other boards/committees as assigned.
  5. Demonstrate a commitment to county safety, employee safety, and risk management.
  6. Submission of State reports on utilization of grant funds.

B. Staff Supervision 

  1. Evaluate staff resources and identify staffing needs
  2. Assist in recruiting, interviewing, hiring, evaluating, disciplining and terminating staff
  3. Provide orientation and technical training for staff using standardized procedures
  4. Assign work and provide consultation, follow up and support
  5. Conduct regular section meetings
  6. Hold regular individual conferences with staff to provide direction on task completion and consistent feedback on work performance
  7. Prepare and maintain job descriptions for staff positions
  8. Complete employee performance reviews, counsel staff to achieve effective performance, and take disciplinary action as appropriate
  9. Identify individual staff development/training needs/opportunities and submit timely recommendations for participation to the Director
  10. Promote and encourage a professional environment
  11. Provide on-site direct supervision to agency employees who are in the process of becoming certified social workers
  12. Provide consultation and supervision remotely to employees via telephone or e-mail as needed and to facilitate emergency response
  13. Provide back-up supervision for staff in other sections in the absence of the Director and section manager

C. Service Delivery 

  1. Administer and supervise Family Services programs (e.g. Child Welfare, Child Protective Services, Youth Justice, Foster Care, Kinship Care, Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders, etc.)
  2. Review reports, case narratives, billings, expense accounts, leave requests, etc. on a timely basis to ensure consistent workflow and approve documents in accordance with program regulations and agency policy
  3. Assist in identifying, developing, and maintaining resources to meet program needs
  4. Monitor accountability and efficiency of service delivery
  5. Assist in the development of contracts for service, monitor status, and provide feedback to the Director
  6. Coordinate service delivery within the department and with community resources
  7. Provide direct services in the absence of staff
  8. Assist in the resolution of complaints regarding staff, providers, or programs
  9. Review and distribute incoming mail as needed

D. Interagency Awareness, Public Relations and Community Education 

  1. Provide information and clarification to other sections of the department and other agencies regarding section responsibilities and activities
  2. Assist in the development of resources to deliver program information to targeted populations and the general public
  3. Serve as a member of committees or workgroups related to the function and purpose of the department

E.  Administrative 

  1. Participate in individual conferences with the Director
  2. Participate in administrative staff meetings
  3. Chair/serve on administrative and policy/procedure committees
  4. Assist in developing and updating program and personnel policies and procedures
  5. Participate in staff development/training activities to enhance supervision and program management skills
  6. Perform other duties as assigned


QualificationsA. Bachelors or master’s degree from an accredited school of social work. A related Bachelor’s or master’s degree may be considered depending on prior social work experience or a combination of a Bachelor’s degree, ongoing and supplemental training or education, more than five years working in social work and five years working in a management role with program responsibility.
B. Minimum of Five (5) years of social work experience.
C. Minimum of Three (3) years of supervisory experience, including staff development and training, goal setting and evaluation.
D. Certification as a social worker in Wisconsin.
E. Valid driver’s license and reliable transportation.

Physical Demands

A. Ability to sit or stand for extended periods of time while performing duties.
B. Ability to drive.
C. Ability to lift up to 20 pounds.
D. Ability to work out in the field.
E. Requires physical demands such as seeing, hearing, and color perception to make judgement both in the office and out in the field.

Supplemental InformationKnowledge, Skills, and Abilities

A. Extensive understanding of statutes, regulations, and practice pertaining to family services programs.
B. Thorough knowledge of community human services resources and means of access.
C. Ability to direct, supervise and evaluate staff and to provide effective consultation.
D. Ability to effectively communicate information orally and in writing.
E. Ability to carry out special and general assignments requiring organization of materials and development of procedures.
F. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees, agencies, and the public.
G. Ability to support and promote the department’s goals, programs, and staff.
H. Possess the skills and abilities required of Department social workers/coordinators related to interpersonal skills, personal/professional awareness, analytical thinking, communication skills, and organizational skills.
I. Available for emergency response outside of regular work hours/days for consultation with on-call workers or law enforcement, supervision of specific programs, and man-made or natural disasters a needed..
J. Proficient in the use of Windows based software including word processing, spreadsheets, email etc. and required state data systems and the ability to apply this knowledge to process data and analyze data and communicate effectively.

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