Clinical Team Leader

Organization: Journey Mental Health Center

Location: Madison, WI

We have an opening for a Clinical Team Leader in our Outpatient Services program!  The Clinical Team Leader (SCSIII) is responsible for providing oversight and supervision of a team of clinicians working with adults in Clinic Based Services. The Clinical Team Leader will oversee a team working with consumers with both mental health and substance use disorders, including Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT).  The primary duties in this role will be clinical and administrative supervision of staff, and the Clinical Team Leader will also provide direct culturally sensitive, recovery oriented and trauma informed psychotherapy services to adult consumers with mental health and/or co-occurring substance use disorders.

The Clinical Team Leader is responsible for providing professional clinical and supervisory services to diverse populations served by Journey Mental Health Center (JMHC). The Clinical Team Leader will be required to have the ability to collaborate with multiple providers including clinicians, nursing, physicians, and community providers, as well as follow state and federal guidelines for the treatment of substance use disorders.

Journey Mental Health Center (JMHC) is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. It is the agency’s belief that staff diversity and cultural humility are the foundation for services, which are accessible, effective, and relevant to the diverse needs of our consumers.

It is important that we choose employees that reflect our mission, vision and values, thus our selection process is thorough and sometimes longer than other employers.

Thank you in advance for providing us with complete and accurate application materials and for your patience when waiting to hear from us.

Though you may have excellent experience, strong work ethic and passion for recovery, due to our funding contractual agreements, candidates we hire must meet the Essential Qualifications specified in the job postings in order to be offered an interview. Please review the qualifications carefully. We wouldn’t want you to put effort into your application materials if you don’t meet the essential qualifications.

You can read about the many benefits of working at JMHC on our careers page.

The Clinical Team Leader works closely and collaboratively with the Outpatient Services management team and is under the direct supervision of the Clinical Team Manager.  Annual service hours are 300.


  • Master’s degree in a related behavioral health field.
  • Licensure as an APSW, LPC-IT or MFT-IT.
  • Candidate must apply for full licensure (LMFT, LPC, or LMFT) within the first 3 months of hire.
  • Knowledge and experience providing substance use disorder (SUD) treatment.


  • Clinical experience in mental health and alcohol/drug treatment.
  • Experience and knowledge in medication assisted treatment (MAT) to include evidenced based practice and medications used to treat opiate addiction.
  • Demonstrated commitment to provide culturally sensitive services that are relevant to the diverse and unique needs/experiences/perspectives of each client.
  • Demonstrated commitment to recovery focus principles, and provision of trauma informed services.
  • Experience in managing mental health and related client crises and the ability to supervise other staff involved in crisis resolution activities.
  • Ability to provide clinical supervision to a multidisciplinary team.
  • Strong organizational and leadership skills and the ability to assist supervisors in the development of organizational skills.
  • Superior communication abilities  (both orally and in writing) and the ability to organize, direct, and work effectively with interdisciplinary teams.
  • Demonstrated clinical experience with adults, children and/or families.

Typical Physical Demands
Requires sitting, standing, light lifting, bending, and reaching; and the ability to use and operate standard office equipment, including computer, calculator, phone, printer, cell phone, facsimile, etc.

Working Conditions
Willingness and availability to work in a variety of settings (home, office, school, community, etc.) and to work a flexible schedule that may include evenings and some weekends depending on program and consumer’s needs.


  • Licensure as a CSAC, SAC or SUD specialty.
  • Clinical Supervisor-In Training (CS-IT) or Independent Clinical Supervisor (ICS) credential.
  • Licensure as (LMFT, LPC, or LMFT).
  • Clinical supervision experience
  • Bi-lingual, and/or bi-cultural (Spanish/Hmong/Cambodian).

A.  Clinical Supervision

  1. Provide clinical consultation, review, and oversight to clinical team members, and through consultation, education, instruction and counsel, assure the general clinical and cultural sensitivity of all services delivered to consumers.
  2. Review the performance and goals for all staff in his/her supervision group on an annual and as needed basis.
  3. Provide clinical back up for all staff in his/her supervision group.
  4. Coordinate and oversee a system of appropriate clinical charting procedures that insure the program’s compliance with JMHC, County and State guidelines and mandates.
  5. Review documentation for accuracy and timely completion.
  6. Assist in facilitating the coordination of the program’s clinical services with those of other programs and outside agencies, and provide problem resolution around system issues, clinical issues, cultural sensitivity, consumer grievances and difficult cases.

B.  Administrative Leadership

  1. Participate in and provide leadership to staff meetings, training programs and other designated functions and assist in development of new programming.
  2. Assist the Clinical Team Manager in recruiting, hiring, training and evaluating of new staff, students and volunteers.
  3. Monitor and ensure staff service expectations.
  4. Approve and monitor scheduling, time off requests, training requests and other aspects of each member of his/her team.
  5. Participate in meetings and projects as assigned by the Clinical Team Manager.

C.  Provision of Clinical Services

  1. Provide a range of clinical services including individual, group, family and couple’s therapy and/or case management activities in a context that is supportive of the consumer’s family, culture, values and perspectives.
  2. Complete accurate clinical records including intakes, case histories, treatment plans, case notes, discharge summaries and other information in a timely manner.
  3. Provide case management and other therapeutic services as necessary.
  4. Attend weekly staffing, consultations, and other clinical meetings as assigned.

The above statements are not to be interpreted as an exhaustive list, but are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by this employee.

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