Gifts of the Pandemic

Shawna Reiter

Work Setting: Private practice Psychotherapy

I was working for a local county government implementing Comprehensive Community Services with adolescent patients when the pandemic hit last March. I decided to start my own practice when I observed a huge need for psychotherapy in all populations. I applied for an LLC and accepted contracts with two local outpatient clinics. Since September I have witnessed a surge in the need for mental health and substance use disorders treatment. One of the interesting “gifts of the pandemic” has been implementing treatment using telehealth platforms. Before Covid my view on Psychotherapy using Telehealth was not positive. Today I’m quite sure I’ll never go back to an office setting. I love seeing patients in their home environment. An unexpected pleasure has been witnessing my patient’s emotional support animals comfort and help them heal during this time of fear. Pets have been an integral part of emotional health for many of my patients. I am blessed to be on the front lines helping my patient’s with mental health challenges. I’m exactly where I am meant to be during this historic time of fear and uncertainty for many. I love my work!