Synergy- Counselor

Organization: Tellurian

Location: Madison, WI

The Counselor is responsible for the clinical services provided to clients of the program and is expected to provide clients with clinical, and supportive social services designed to overcome AODA, mental health, family, personal, health, and other functional problems. The Human Services Clinician III develops and implements the clinical focus of our mission to manage, motivate and follow through with client treatment planning and clinical services. This position will be responsible for individual, group, and other appropriate clinical services within the need of the program and the scope of their training.


Reasonable Accommodations Statement

Persons occupying this position must be able to perform all essential functions, with or without reasonable accommodation.

Essential Functions

  • Provide clinical services to clients, including some or all of the following: intakes, assessment, referral, treatment planning, case management, crisis intervention, group, individual, and family therapy, education, and aftercare planning. In addition, refer to community resources where appropriate.
  • Explain the scope of the agencys services and discuss the clients rights and responsibilities in relation to their use of such services.
  • Provide clinical reviews and extension requests for funding sources
  • Work with individual clients by reviewing their social situations as necessary, and recommend modification of the original treatment plan as indicated.
  • Maintain case records, correspondence, reports and other records as required by state regulation.
  • Collaborate with the residential treatment team.
  • Facilitate group counseling sessions each week.
  • Ability to understand human growth and behavior.
  • Knowledge of current social and economic problems and the way these problems affect the individual and family.
  • Knowledge of mental illness, homelessness, poverty, alcohol and other drug addictions, and developmental disabilities.
  • Ability to acquire and apply a good working knowledge of laws, regulations, and practices pertaining to federal, county, state and city programs.
  • Knowledge of assistance programs and other resources, and ways in which these resources may be used by people in need.


  • Ability to relate to people in an unprejudiced and understanding manner with concern for their circumstances and feelings.
  • Capability to prepare and maintain necessary records and reports and to understand and follow oral and written instructions.
  • Ability to participate in and appropriately utilize available weekly supervision.
  • Ability to build coalitions and work collaterally with other related agencies.
  • Complete documentation including, but not limited to:
    • Assessments
    • Progress notes
    • Treatment plans
    • Discharge summaries.
    • This position requires an individual who has both written and oral presentation skills as well.
  • The position requires a working knowledge of MS office, Word, Excel, and Power Point programs.
  • The position requires approximately 66 hours of initial training to meet licensing standards. Required training is summarized on a checklist available at the time of orientation.
  • Position will require use of Electronic Medical Records.


  • Masters Degree OR LCSQ, LPC OR
  • Marriage and Family Therapist combined with credentialing as a Substance Abuse Counselor or Clinical Substance Abuse Counselor experience.


Tellurian is an equal opportunity employer who fully supports equal access for all qualified individuals regardless of race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, veteran status, disability, genetic information or testing, family and medical leave, and sexual orientation. We prohibit retaliation against individuals who bring forth a complaint in good faith to the employer or government agency, or participate in said investigation of any complain, or otherwise oppose discrimination.

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