Marriage and Family Therapist

We don’t just throw you in and hope for the best! Our highly regarded onboarding program will offer you direct mentorship with experienced counselors, individualized training and a team of co-workers who want to ensure that you succeed here at Horizon! We are all about collaboration. We want to hear your thoughts, work as a team and help you build confidence!

Some of the day-to-day responsibilities you will have:

  • Interact with patients and families on site as well as in community
  • Carry a small caseload of caregivers to discuss issues that are interfering with the parenting role
  • Preform family interventions with the goal of reinforcing skill based learning and provide education and therapy to families and other caregivers
  • Participate in weekly one-on-ones with your manager, as well as team meetings to discuss case presentations
  • Coordinate and collaborate with other service providers and family members
  • Maintain patient records consistent with regulatory requirements and quality assurance standards
  • Perform other duties as defined by the Program Director

Organization: Horizon

Job Location: Getzville, NY

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