Behavioral Health Program Coordinator

Position Summary
This position is a management position reporting to the Behavioral Health and Long-Term
Support Division Administrator.


General Duties
The employee in this position serves as a Program Coordinator for behavioral health programs
provided by Columbia County Department of Health and Human Services. The primary tasks of
this position are to ensure that Columbia County behavioral health programs utilize a
wraparound approach to providing individualized services that focus on client/family strengths,
community placement, cultural competency, natural supports, teaming, and collaboration.

Duties and Responsibilities
1. Develop, orient, and facilitate related program Coordinating Committees.
2. Receive and review program referrals and determine client eligibility for services and
appropriate level of services.
3. Educate individuals about behavioral health treatment and gain agreement for
participation in recovery services.
4. Monitor commitments under Ch. 51 and insure completion of court related
5. Oversee detox admissions under Ch. 51.45 and assign for appropriate follow up and
referral for treatment.
6. Oversee development of collaborative teams, ensuring compliance with basic
principles of wraparound core values.
7. Conduct and/or oversee assessment of client strengths and needs.
8. Direct the development of crisis response plans to address potential crisis situations at
home and in the community.
9. Authorize services based upon medical necessity and departmental policy.
10. Review and approve all client related paperwork such as assessments, Plans of Care,
crisis response plans, crisis prevention plans, and discharge summaries.
11. Provide clinical supervision to program staff to include direct review, assessment and
feedback regarding staff member’s delivery of services.
12. Responsible for quality of services provided to consumers and day to day consultation
with program staff.
13. Orientation and training of new program staff and maintenance of training records.
14. Administer behavioral health programs and ensure compliance with State, Federal
and Medicaid requirements.
15. Oversee provider credentialing to ensure that all service providers meet qualifications
specified in Wisconsin Administrative Code and the Medicaid Handbook.
16. Coordinate services and nurture relationships with other agencies including law
enforcement, probation and parole, local hospitals, medical providers, pharmacists,
treatment providers, schools and consumer groups.
17. Monitor purchase of services contracts related to behavioral health programs
including compliance with program expectations and quality of services.
18. Assist program Coordinating Committee(s) with establishing consistent measures for
program development, implementation, evaluation, and monitoring of the projects
and outcomes.
19. Facilitate public education and awareness of issues and programming for families and
individuals with mental health or substance abuse needs through community forums
and other means.
20. Provide community outreach and conduct workshops/trainings for families, providers
and Department staff.
21. Maintain program related data.
22. Assist in the development and implementation of family advocacy and peer specialist
23. Collect and record information and ensure that data and reports are submitted in an
accurate and timely manner.
24. Prepare for and participate in program certification conducted by Department of
Health Services (DHS) staff, as well as annual financial audits or audits by the Office
of Inspector General (OIG).
25. Participate in county-wide behavioral health efforts as appropriate.
26. Participate in the Child-Adult Review Team (CART).
27. Participate in State and Regional meetings related to identified program areas.


1. Specific experience in service provision in mental health or substance abuse treatment
and supervisory experience are preferred, AND
2. Current licensure under Ch. 457, Stats. as a Clinical Social Worker, Professional
Counselor, Marriage and Family Therapist with 3000 hours of supervised clinical
experience, OR
3. Master’s level clinician with 3000 hours of supervised clinical experience.


Required Knowledge, Skills, Licensure and Experience
1. Knowledge of evidence based practices and psychosocial rehabilitation services.
2. Knowledge of the wraparound approach to providing individualized services
including a focus on client/family strengths, community placement, cultural
competency, natural supports, teaming, and collaboration.
3. Knowledge of principles and practices of behavioral health care and its application
including person-centered planning, motivational interviewing, trauma informed care,
co-occurring disorders, stages of change, and cultural competency.
4. Knowledge of assessment and treatment of suicide, mental illness and substance use
5. Knowledge of basic mental health and psychopharmacology concepts, assessment
and treatment planning.
6. Experience and knowledge of a team approach including group process and the
ability to build agreement amongst a multi-disciplinary team.
7. Experienced in working with special populations including children/adolescents with
severe emotional disturbance, adults with severe and persistent mental illness, elderly,
and individuals with developmental disabilities.
8. Knowledge of Chapter 46.56, 48, 51, 55 and 938 of the Wisconsin State Statutes.
9. Knowledge of DHS 34, 36, 92 and 94 of the Wisconsin Administrative Codes.
10. Knowledge of Medicaid and third party payor policies and procedures.
11. Comprehensive knowledge of human service systems and how to access State and
local resources.
12. Ability to supervise other employees and maintain constructive working relationships
with professional and non-professional personnel.
13. Ability to interpret and apply administrative rules, regulations and State directives
relating to services.
14. Ability to take initiate, work independently and seek out supervision as needed.
15. Ability to communicate effectively with staff, clients and the public both orally and in
16. Ability to manage one’s time and emotions in an environment of rapidly changing
17. Excellent computer skills related to electronic record keeping, email and internet.

Organization: Columbia County Health and Human Service Department

Job Location: Columbia County