Executive Director, Neighborhood Community Center in Madison

Position Overview

The Lussier Community Education Center (LCEC) is a dynamic community center – a place for people from different walks of life to come together, share gifts, and build community. Tracing its origins to grassroots community organizers who established needed youth programs, it is geared toward creating accessible and welcoming places for BIPOC folks who live with limited financial means. Everything at the LCEC centers on its mission: building community, creating opportunities, enriching education.

We’re in search of an Executive Director who is a community organizer at heart, and also a skilled administrator. Someone who will inspire and develop members of the community through meaningful relationships, and by ensuring quality programs. The LCEC Executive Director is the leader of a vibrant community made up of the young and old who come to the Center for its programs and services, the many volunteers and donors who sustain the organization, and the staff who guide the programs and build powerful relationships within the community. The Executive Director is a skilled administrator but also a person who inspires and develops members of the community through meaningful relationships, and by ensuring quality programs. The Executive Director engages with the Board of Directors on long-range strategies to achieve the LCEC’s mission and ensure the organization’s stability. Together with the Board and staff, the Executive Director develops programmatic, organizational, and financial plans, and carries out plans and policies authorized by the Board.

Goals & Responsibilities

Make a real and significant impact on people’s lives through high quality programs.
• Maintain and sustain a culture and practice of constant, systematic striving to improve program quality and impact through long range strategies and plans to achieve the mission of the LCEC
• Establish collaborations and partnerships which support the achievement of the mission

Make the LCEC a hub for community engagement of all kinds, particularly leadership by traditionally marginalized groups.
• Develop, maintain, and support a strong and diverse Board of Directors and board committees
• Further lead efforts to integrate leadership development and organizing into the work of the LCEC

Make a real and significant impact on people’s lives through a strong and effective staff team.
• Create and maintain a culture of continuous growth and professional development of staff
• Lead, coach, develop and retain a strong, effective, and motivated staff team
• Directly supervise the Assistant Director and Development Director

Inspire more people and organizations to financially support the work of the center.
• Participate actively in the development and implementation of the LCEC’s annual and long term fund
development plans
• Lead specific fund development initiatives and actively support fund development efforts in general
• Develop, strengthen, and maintain relationships with individual, organizational and governmental funders and prospects
• Work with staff, board members and volunteers to identify and approach donor prospects.
• Publicly promote the mission and work of the center


Experience Sought

• Professional and lived experience preparing them to lead a nonprofit neighborhood community center
with 25 staff, a $1.4 million budget, and welcoming more than 4,000 people per year through its doors.
• Professional and lived experience preparing them to be a leader within the LCEC alongside community members, youth and their families, most of whom are BIPOC folks who are living with limited financial means.
• Incorporated antiracism and social justice into their life and work, and are comfortable exploring that with others.


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Organization: Lussier Community Education Center (LCEC)

Job Location: Madison, WI