Clinical Case Manager (Integrated Services Specialist)

Position Overview
This position focuses primarily on the treatment of children and families with psychological/emotion behavioral issues. Treatment services will be provided primarily in the consumer’s home, school, community or clinic setting. The position works in conjunction with the CCS, CPS/YJ and clinical teams. The primary target group is consumer and/or their children whom are at risk of removal from the community. Primary duties involve clinical services including, but not limited to, assessment, treatment planning, community education and outreach, case management, crisis intervention, referral activities and reporting and record keeping. Development of a limited therapy case load within the school or office setting is an option within the position, based on experience (for licensure). Staff will adhere to Federal, State and Waushara County standards of care for all of these activities. Such standards address both quantity and quality of service provision.

1. Provide clinical assessment of consumer problems or needs and understand diagnoses. Complete any documentation required to enroll in services. Perform orientation including informing consumers of rules, rights, and the general nature and goals of the program. Establish short and long term goals. Determine treatment processes and resources to be used. Develop a treatment plan. Work with a variety of team combinations both to perform clinical services (including psychotherapy) and to develop plans for meeting the needs of consumers and their families.
2. Provide clinical case management services to consumers, families, children, and/or groups. Activities are directed toward maintaining coordination of effort with other staff and agencies to develop and meet clinical goals.
3. Provide direction and support for other team members.
4. Provide reporting and record keeping functions in a timely and accurate fashion. Document activities performed in a manner that demonstrates professional competence and reasonable actions taken. Maintain a record that is in keeping with professional standards in order to protect the interests of the consumer, the therapist and the County. Satisfy requirements of insurers and licensing authorities.
5. Provide referral activities involving the provision of information to help consumers benefit from the
expertise of other professionals in the treatment system.
6. Provide crisis intervention functions as part of working with assigned families or other consumers. Assess the potential for consumer’s dangerousness to self or others and the degree of disability and irrationality. Collaborate with Waushara County’s Crisis Unit for response to after-hours emergencies with assigned families. Aid in the development of Safety/Crisis plan as needed. Recommend emergency detention and/or hospitalization as needed. No crisis rotation required.
7. Perform all other duties as assigned by the Clinical Supervisor and/or Director.

A. Education, Training & Experience
1. Bachelor’s degree in social work, psychology, counseling or marriage and family counseling is required (Master’s degree preferred).
2. Wisconsin licensure as a Professional Counselor, Marriage and Family Therapist, or Certified Independent Clinical Social Worker licensure may be obtain through employment in this position.

B. Knowledge, Ability & Skills
1. This position requires a broad base of knowledge in psychology, social sciences, diagnostic criteria, and therapeutic techniques. Specific knowledge regarding severe and persistent mental illnesses, distinct consumer sub groups and/or diagnostic categories, and some familiarity of the child welfare/youth justice systems preferred. On-going development of certain sub-specialty areas will be expected, particularly related to expertise in family system techniques. A knowledge and understanding of billing practices and requirements is also necessary.
2. Also required is a combination of empathy, personal authenticity, the ability to establish rapport, flexibility and assertiveness.
3. The position requires an understanding of team processes and the skills to lead and collaborate within a team environment, as well as strong conflict-resolution abilities. It necessitates cooperation with supervisors and other staff and the ability to maintain appropriate professional relationships with consumers and other agencies. Also, requires the ability to collaborate and communicate effectively with others in a team format, both within the agency and in combination with other community entities.
4. Requires the ability to communicate effectively in both a written and verbal manner.
5. Requires the ability to organize and prioritize time and activities to meet the needs of the workload.
6. Requires regular and predictable attendance.
7. Must promote, get along and work in collaboration with others including, but not limited to, outside agencies and other County departments.
8. Must perform duties and follow policies and procedures independent of direct supervision.

C. Responsibility and Authority
Reports directly to the Clinical Supervisor, but also responsible to the Clinical Director and Director for the fulfillment of duties as specified and special duties as assigned. Consultation may be offered to staff and other agencies as approved by management.

D. Working Conditions
1. Will involve one or two evening hours per week of direct service.
2. Depending on consumer need/situation, may involve evening and weekend telephone consultation with the Crisis Unit or other staff who are responding to Crises.
3. Will involve travel to consumer homes or other locations and working with consumers who are in crisis, incarcerated, irrational and/or not in control of their emotions. Such individuals may be potentially assaultive and may represent a danger to self and others.


Organization: Waushara County Department of Human Services

Job Location: Waushara County