Community Mental Health Crisis Co-Responder

We have an opening for a Community Mental Health Crisis Co-Responder in our Emergency Services Unit program! The Community Mental Health Crisis Co-Responder (CCSI) position is responsible for providing a wide array of culturally sensitive, recovery oriented, trauma sensitive, direct clinical services provided in conjunction with other staff. Services provided by this position may include assessment, treatment planning, referrals and case management.

The Crisis Co-Responder in this position will be working within the Madison Fire Department, providing co-responses with a community paramedic to behavioral health related 911 calls. The co-responding team will work together to provide emergency mental and physical health assessments, and offer the crisis intervention services necessary to help the individual decrease their current stressors and increase their community and natural supports.  The Community Mental Health Crisis Co-Responder will implement follow up on those cases to ensure adequate connection to resources, reduce the risk of law enforcement contacts and incarceration, and they will identify and provide warm transfers to alternative treatment options, and long term community supports. Assessments are based on an understanding not only of consumer symptoms, but also of strengths and social/cultural resources. These strengths and resources will be taken into account and utilized as appropriate to assist the individual’s return to a more optimal level of functioning.

The ideal candidate for this position will enjoy working a fast paced environment, and will be able to keep up with documentation and other job duties quickly and thoroughly, and is guaranteed to have new experiences everyday! This position on the emergency services team involves mobility throughout the community, and working rotating shifts as needed, including evenings weekends and holidays in order to ensure that the clinical needs of the program are being met and to enable the program to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Organization: Journey Mental Health Center
Job Location: Madison, WI

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