Safe Haven Crisis Stabilization Supervisor


Under the direction of the Safe Haven Manager, the Crisis Stabilization Supervisor provides on-site supervision of the Crisis Stabilization program, as well as direct provision of Crisis Stabilization services and case management to Safe Haven residents and guests. The Crisis Stabilization Supervisor’s primary role is to assist individuals who are at risk of self-harm, harm to others or psychiatric hospitalization due to a mood or thought disorder or alcohol or drug addiction. The Crisis Stabilization Supervisor offers support and refers these individuals with a wide variety of community services, including mental health and substance abuse treatment services. The Crisis Stabilization Supervisor also acts as the housing case manager for Safe Haven residents.

• Completes County Reporting (CS610, WIMCR) and other quarterly reports.
• Engages with Safe Haven guests, residents and staff daily to identify and assess individuals in crisis resulting from mental health symptoms or alcohol or drug abuse. Provides Crisis Stabilization services to these individuals.
• Builds trusting relationships with these individuals and encourages them to engage in Safe Haven services. Utilizes active listening skills and develops rapport with guests based on mutual respect.
• Completes Crisis Stabilization Response Plans that meet Medicaid guidelines. Documents individuals’ need for Crisis Stabilization services, their recovery goals and the services Safe Haven will provide.
• Counsels individuals in crisis how to make use of the mental health, housing, and social services available in the community. Researches services available and refers guests to appropriate services. Communicates with other agencies regarding referrals.
• Provides empathy and emotional support to clients experiencing distress.
• Provides psychosocial education and supports individuals in developing skills to manage mental illness, socialize with others, and decrease reliance on professional supports.
• Enforces all Safe Haven policies, procedures, and rules. Monitors the behavior of shelter guests and takes steps to stop undesirable behaviors. De-escalates individuals who are displaying aggressive or self-harming behaviors. Assists guests and residents in resolving conflicts.
• Contacts and/or law enforcement and/or emergency crisis stabilization units when necessary to ensure the safety of residents, guests, and staff of Safe Haven. Reports incidents accurately and objectively.
• Completes thorough and accurate documentation of all Crisis Stabilization services provided. Submits billing to Medicaid using the SmartCare Portal.
• Supervises the Crisis Stabilization program at Safe Haven. Reviews the annual budget and informs the Manager and staff of monthly billing targets. Monitors the services provided by all staff and provides regular status reports to the Coordinator to ensure that staff receive the supervision and support needed to ensure that quality Crisis Stabilization services are provided, billing targets are met, required documentation is completed properly, and training requirements are met. Completes all required reporting for the Crisis Stabilization program.
• Attends the weekly Safe Haven staff meeting, including one hour of weekly supervision with Porchlight’s mental health professional. Collaborates with and supports Safe Haven staff in serving guests and residents in crisis.
• Assists the Safe Haven Manager in identifying training opportunities for staff providing Crisis Stabilization services.
• Provides short-term office coverage for the Safe Haven Shelter Case Managers or Manager, as needed, and is available on call via cell phone during business hours for staff, residents and guests.
• Greets guests, assesses their individual mental health and social service needs, fills out referral forms, and ensures all guests have received a copy of the Safe Haven rules.
• Assists guests in filling out forms and applications for housing, employment, and other services.
• Reads Safe Haven staff documents each shift, including logs, incident reports, and client files. Contributes when necessary. Maintains case notes on guests.
• Participates in agency-level strategic planning, including initiatives to improve programming across Porchlight.
• Performs other duties and takes on other responsibilities as requested by the Safe Haven Manager.


Teamwork & Collaboration:

• Works in collaboration with all agency staff to facilitate a team environment.
• Demonstrates and models effective communication skills in building relationships with all employees and clients.
• Creates good working relationships with insurance carriers and other business contacts.
• Participates in the development and implementation of Porchlight’s strategic plan.


Porchlight Values & Culture:
• Treats all employees, clients, and visitors with caring, kindness, respect, and dignity.
• Helps to create an environment that values and appreciates diversity.
• Adheres to all Porchlight policies, procedures, code of conduct, and attendance rules.
• Maintains strict confidentiality of all information.
• Adheres to Porchlight policies in the use of computer technology and tele-communications devices.
• Conducts self within appropriate and expected professional boundaries and policies.


• Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work or closely related field required. Masters desired.
• Demonstrated experience working with Medicaid and the SmartCare portal as well as Dane County reporting (CS610, WIMCR).
• Experience working in a nonprofit social service agency. Supervisory experience desired.
• Genuine desire to work with a socially disadvantaged and multi-ethnic population, including individuals experiencing homeless and those with low incomes. Sincere respect for disadvantaged individuals.
• Ability to motivate and obtain willing cooperation from others.
• Team orientation with respect for others. High ethical standards.
• Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook. Ability to adapt to new technology quickly.

Job Location: Nakoosa Campus, Madison

Organization: Porchlight’s Safe Haven Department