The Psychology Clinic is looking for part-time or full-time mental health clinicians to join our CCS team. This is a great opportunity for MSW students or recent grads to have a flexible schedule, get free supervision and consultation, both in the moment and scheduled meetings, from both licensed clinician social workers and psychologists while having a high earning potential. The position would offer a variety of experiences to include service facilitation, psychotherapy, skill development, and psychoeducation for children and adults facing mental health and substance use challenges. We operate with the understanding that all of our clinicians have unique strengths and interests, and thus there is a lot of autonomy to determine how you are best able to meet your client’s needs, within the framework of CCS policies. The CCS program offers a wide array of services, and clinicians are able to work with diverse teams to build a support network that is best able to help consumers succeed. Excellent organizational and documentation skills are a must to be successful in this position, but there is always room for consultation as these skills continue to be developed. Currently, clinicians are engaging in telehealth, community and in-home work, and office meetings with clients. We also value the work-life balance of the staff and allow for feedback and collaboration in building an appropriate caseload. At this time, Dane county is experiencing a severe shortage in the number of CCS service providers available, so building a caseload would take very little time. I am happy to provide more information to anyone who has questions about the position. I can be contacted via email or phone:; 414-217-8222.


Organization: The Psychology Clinic

Job Location: Dane County