Human Services Professional – Child Protective Services Ongoing Case Manager

Position Summary and Job Duties

This is a professional level Social Worker/Case Manager position with Rock County.  The work involves acting as a member of a multi-disciplinary team in serving the clients and families of Rock County Human Services’ CPS Division in order to assure that children are safe and protected.

75% – Engage families in a positive, working relationship to support them in achieving a safe home and permanence for their children.  Services are based on a well-reasoned assessment and planning process with the family that establishes a set of goal-directed, time-limited and measurable activities.

  • Prepare family assessments and case plans.
  • Evaluate the existing safety plan developed during the initial assessment phase.
  • Manage and assure child safety through continuous assessment, oversight and adjustment of safety plans that are effective in assuring child safety and are the least intrusive to the family.
  • Engage families in a case planning process that will identify services to address threats to child safety by enhancing parent protective capacities.
  • Measure progress related to enhancing parent protective capacities and eliminating safety related issues.
  • Document progress using the case progress evaluation every 90 days.
  • Access and monitor needed safety services including placements.
  • Update family interaction plans and safety plans as needed.
  • Provide ongoing case management by coordinating, monitoring and adjusting services.
  • Collaborate with service providers to effectively work as a team.

10% – Participation in the court process to assure safety and achieve permanence.

  • Provide court testimony for judicial reviews, contested placement hearings, extension hearings and termination of parental rights trials.
  • Write clear and concise professional court reports.

5% – Perform CPS Access function which includes receiving, analyzing, and documenting reports of alleged child maltreatment.  (The agency is required to accept reports from the community 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Rock County has an After-hours program that meets this requirement for reports received during non-regular business hours.  This position does require performing After-hours duties when there is no coverage available through the voluntary pool.)  

  • Gather information, interview reporters and determine what information is significant to the CPS Access purpose.
  • Sufficient information should be gathered specific to Wisconsin Child Protective Services Access Standards to support the screening decision and urgency of response of each report.  This includes identifying present danger and/or impending danger threats to child safety based on the analysis of information gathered.

5% – Miscellaneous duties:

  • Attend supervisory conferences, staff, team and department meetings.
  • Attend in-services, mandatory trainings, staffings, and other meetings with supervisor’s approval.
  • May be assigned to participate in committees within the department, county or community to represent CPS.

5% – Other duties as assigned


Success Factors (KSA’s)

  • Ability to understand and carry out verbal and written instructions.
  • Ability to plan and organize work effectively.
  • Maintain prompt and regular attendance.
  • Knowledge of the principles and practices of social work and its application.
  • Knowledge of federal and state laws, policies and practice standards pertaining to Child Protective Services, especially Wisconsin Chapter 48 statues and Wisconsin CPS Access and Initial Assessment Standards as well as CPS Ongoing Standards and Integrated Case Plan.
  • Knowledge of current social and economic problems and ways in which these problems affect individual families.
  • Knowledge of human service/community resource types and how to effectively utilize them.
  • Ability to maintain accurate, current case records in computerized data information system and prepare clear and concise reports from them.
  • Ability to read and analyze detailed prior case records, organize thoughts, and write comprehensive case documentation.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships within the agency and community.


Job Requirements, Education, Training & Experience

  • Bachelors Degree in Social Work or related field from accredited four-year college or university.
  • Wisconsin Child Welfare experience preferred.
  • Possession of a current unrestricted driver’s license and auto insurance.
  • Experience with developmentally disabled adults and children preferred.
  • Bilingual skills preferred.


Essential Job Functions (physical elements, equipment and working conditions)

Physical elements:

  • General mobility, including occasional use of stairs.
  • Occasional bending, kneeling and reaching.
  • Lifting and carrying approximately 50 pounds, which may included young children and/or infant/child car seat.
  • Sitting, driving or standing for long periods of time.

Use of Equipment:

  • Telephone–frequently
  • Computer–PC and keyboard at desk or portable laptop in the field for case documentation entry.

Working conditions:

  • Indoor–often
  • Outdoor–rarely; primarily as a result of travel requirements to and from the office, client homes, schools, and other meeting sites in the community
  • Cold temperatures–rarely; see above reference to travel
  • Extreme heat–rarely; see above reference to travel
  • Potential for contact with unpredictable and/or violent clients


Organization: Rock County Child Protective Services Ongoing Department

Job Location: Janesville, WI

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