Assistant Director, High Risk Drinking Prevention

UHS strives to promote, protect, and restore health and well-being. We are an integrated health care facility that fully integrates our prevention, medical, and mental health services.
Within UHS, the Prevention and Campus Health Initiatives team are committed to creating a healthy and safe campus and community using public health tools of data, communications, capacity building and policy, systems and environmental change. This work is informed by our values of empowerment, authenticity, creativity, data-informed practice, and equity

This Assistant Director for High-Risk Drinking Prevention will be one of three Assistant Directors in our unit, focused on violence prevention, high risk drinking prevention and mental health promotion. While your work will focus on reducing high risk drinking on our campus and in our community, as a team, we are all working together to reduce the root causes of many of our campus health concerns including power, privilege, racism, and discrimination. Your team members will work across all our issue areas in functional teams focusing on data, communications, coalition building, training and education, policy and health equity.

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