Mel Morgenbesser, MSSW

My two years in the MSSW program still brings back fond memories and appreciation for what I learned, the faculty who mentored me and my relationships with fellow students. Allen Pincus and Anne Minahan were developing their book “Social Work Practice: Model and Method” and their and the School’s stressing generalist practice and system theory have stayed with me for my entire working (and personal life). I have heard from other alums who have shared similar assessments.I had field placements at 1. what became the Waisman Center – focusing on developmental disabilities. There faculty Hans Seeling, Norma Berkowitz and Mona Wasow became mentors. My second placement was at the Dane County Mental Health Center working with Imy Higbie and other faculty and field instructors. After graduation I worked at the mental health center for 4 years.As luck would have it I found out about a one-year position at the School of Social Work. That one year position turned into 29 years that I was on the faculty. I taught and had several administrative positions, including serving as the School’s Director. Although I retired more than 15 years ago, I continue my involvement with the School helping us connect with our 11,000 living alums and raising funds for student scholarships and many other projects.I would remiss if I didn’t mention the Professor Alfred Kadushin – who played an important role in my education and as a colleague and good friend until his passing at age 97.My social work education and continuing relationship with the School has been a highlight of my life,Mel (Morgenbesser)