Family Advocate Specialist

The Family Advocate Specialist has a primary role on the Next Door’s interdisciplinary team for engaging and involving families of children at school through activities, practices and services that support parents as the primary nurturers, experts and teachers of their child in order to promote and sustain their child’s learning development and academic; and life success. The Family Advocate Specialist has a specific and intentional role in the following three areas of work with families: Activities/strategies that promote and enhance the parent-child relationship. Activities/strategies that engage parents in discussions about their child’s growth and development and provide parents information and opportunities to learn about concrete things they can do to promote their child’s learning. Activities/strategies that encourage parents’ involvement in the education of their child and in their child’s school both at Next Door Home of Educare and in the K-12 system. This includes helping parents recognize and expect “quality education;” know how to access quality elementary schools; and learn how to advocate for a quality education for their child

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