School Social Worker

Quora Education Center (Little Canada)

Nature of Work:

Incumbents provide support services to current and prospective students. Responsibilities may include educating staff in trauma informed strategies; responding to student behavioral crises; monitoring student progress toward IEP goals; performing assessments; and developing restorative plans.

Typical Class Responsibilities:

– Develops and implements behavioral and crisis interventions; administers and analyzes student needs assessments; conducts interviews with students, family, and school staff; conducts observations; creates related plans of action to meet the individual needs of students; collaborates with staff, families, outside agencies, and others in the management and support of interventions.
– Plans and conducts individualized sessions with students to develop, teach, and implement social and emotional support tools; discuss prevention, problem solving techniques, academics, peer relations, and issues creating barriers for their academic success; and reviews progress.
– Evaluates and makes referrals to outside providers, community resources, social services, and other programs; and collaborates and communicates with school staff, students, families, and outside resources.
– Collaborates, facilitates, and attends meetings with administrators, teachers, staff, related service providers, families, TAP services, McKinney Vento liaisons and others to coordinate and provide services; and educates and trains staff on related topics including trauma informed strategies.
– Prepares documentation, reports, and/or other correspondence including assessments, evaluation reports, progress reports, and other related paperwork; and ensures compliance with applicable local, state and federal laws, rules, and regulations.
– Monitors attendance and truancy issues; communicates truancy issues to guardians; and contacts applicable external agencies and resources as necessary.
– Performs other duties of a similar nature or level.

Functional Class Responsibilities:

– Provides individual and group support to students and their families.
– Identifies factors in a child’s home, school, and community that affect his/her success in learning. Helps school personnel to better understand how factors such as family, culture, socioeconomic status, and physical and mental health can affect students’ performance and behavior.
– Serves as a resource to building staff regarding identification and reporting of student abuse/neglect.
– Serves as McKinney Vento and Fostering Connections liaison in collaboration with other district staff.
– Consults and collaborates with community agencies and mental health professionals.
– Provides service coordination for students and families requiring multiple services or resources.
-Develops prevention and intervention programs to address violence, teen pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse, and harassment.
– Provides parent education, training, and resources.
– Participates in policy development and on committees addressing issues such as discipline, attendance, mandatory reporting, and school climate.

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