Service Coordinator

Service Coordinators maintain a caseload of children and adults who have various developmental disabilities.
This position is responsible for working collaboratively with families and professionals (child care programs,
youth centers, and community members) to help promote the values that embrace the involvement of all
children, regardless of their abilities. Service Coordinators work with families living in Dane County helping
them to access care providers and consult with and train child care staff, youth workers and other
professional. They spend a good portion of their time working directly the children and modeling
good inclusive practices to encourage others to embrace the philosophy of inclusion. Additional duties
include: matching providers with families for respite services, coordination between child care, home and
possibly school; determining goals for the child so he/she can be as fully and naturally included as possible;
attending team meetings for the child; and communicating a “plan” for the child’s inclusion to all necessary
parties. The person in this position works to ensure t

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