Supportive Housing Social Worker

Established in 1962, UMCS has a deep commitment to and long-standing presence in Milwaukee’s Washington Park neighborhood, where it has provided a wide range of social service programs and assistance to low-income, marginalized families, including affordable housing, community health promotion, community organizing, emergency food pantry and family resource center, social work and childcare.

Under the supervisor and support of the Director of Housing and Social Services, the Supportive Housing Social Worker is responsible for the direct provision of social work services to individuals and families who are residents of the UMCS supportive housing program and to other program participants within the Washington Park neighborhood. The Supportive Housing Social Worker will serve as a liaison to community partners and service providers and will connect individuals and families with needed resources. They will be an advocate for the needs of families throughout the neighborhood, particularly for residents of UMCS’s supportive housing program who have been referred by our partners at Milwaukee County Housing Division, the Impact-led Coordinated Entry system, and Hope House.

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