Children & Family Social Worker I/II/III

Provides a wide variety of social services under the direction of the Children and Family Manager and Supervisor. General responsibilities are specific to each of the different positions within the Children and Family Services Division:

  • Initial Assessment Social Workers – Ensure that children are safe in their homes. Conduct thorough assessments through interviews, home visits and collateral investigations. Assess for safety of children with their parents or caregivers and determine any maltreatment that may have occurred.   Determine the range of services needed by individuals and their families for preventative, remedial or rehabilitative services. Assess whether continued services are needed through ongoing services or voluntary services.
  • Ongoing Social Workers – Ensure children are maintained in a safe environment, while working collaboratively with parents on their Court ordered conditions in an effort for reunification to occur. If reunification is not able to occur, an alternative safe and permanent resource for the children is identified, and permanency is achieved that in the child’s best interest.
  • Youth Justice Social Workers – Ensure youth receive the necessary skill development, treatment needs, habilitation, and rehabilitation to deter the youth from entering the adult criminal justice system.  Secure public safety by collaborating with multidisciplinary teams to help the youth successfully reintegrate back into the community.
  • Foster Care Coordinator: -Screen and assess Foster Parents and Kinship Providers for licensure while managing compliance of administrative code (Chapter 56 & 58) and other federal or local policies and laws. Initiate recruitment and retention efforts and provide support, consultation, and training for foster parents, Facilitate, manage and support placement until reunification can occur or another safe permanent resource can be found. Facilitate a community-based Caregiver Support group with child care. Manage and ensure compliance of Subsidized Guardianship agreement.
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