Clinica Latina Peer Specialist – 50% FTE

Position Overview
We have an opening for a part-time Clinica Latina Peer Specialist in our Outpatient Services program! The Clinica Latina Peer Specialist is a team member who self-identifies with lived experience of mental health and/or substance use challenges. Clinica Latina is a preference-based mental health and substance abuse treatment program for individuals who identify as a person of color and speak Spanish. The program offers individual and group mental health and substance abuse treatment as well as case management and partnering with Dane county organizations involved in the Latine community.  The Clinica Latina Peer Specialist is responsible for assisting and empowering peer consumers by identifying a main concern and developing strength-based plans that includes measurable goals and objectives. This individual helps fellow peers cultivate their independence, self-confidence, and self-esteem. The Peer Specialist empowers other people with substance use/mental health symptoms to explore new options, resources, relationships, feelings, attitudes, and rights. The Clinica Latina Peer Specialist offers their experience of recovery while working within a multidisciplinary team setting, and is a mentor, educator, and advocate for consumers.

The Peer Specialist reports to the Clinical Team Leader with overall program supervision by the Clinic Based Services Director.

Essential Qualifications

  • Person with self-identified lived experience of mental health and/or substance use challenges.
  • Current certification as a Wisconsin Certified Peer Specialist.
  • Strong commitment to principles of recovery and trauma informed care.
  • Commitment to work toward improving cultural sensitivity and inclusion as demonstrated by valuing diversity, recognizing personal limitations, and having the desire to improve.
  • Self-starter who enjoys working independently.
  • Ability to view consumer needs and choices as high priority.
  • Ability to balance multiple job duties and remain organized.
  • Experience that demonstrates strong desire to help others.
  • Knowledge of federal and state laws governing the handling of confidential information.
  • Ability to communicate effectively (both orally and in writing).
  • Possession of a valid driver’s license, a favorable driving record, adequate insurance (per WI law) and access to a vehicle with willingness to use it for work (i.e. transporting consumers).
Preferred Qualifications
  1. Lived experience with substance abuse and/or using medication assisted treatment.
  2. Experience completing professional documentation.
  3. Computer skills (internet, email, Word).
  4. Knowledge or experience accessing resources, such as housing, recreational activities, medical, etc.
  5. Bi-lingual, and/or bi-cultural (Spanish/Hmong/Cambodian).


  1. Work with consumers to engage in mental health/substance use treatment, including building skills around their own mental health/substance use recovery and management of symptoms.
  2. Work with consumers to learn healthy coping skills & self-care.
  3. Work with consumers to locate community resources such as food pantries, volunteer activities, social outlets.
  4. Meet with peer consumers in their own homes, the community, at designated offices and by phone as needed to ensure continued consumer satisfaction and progress towards goals.
  5. Assist peer consumer in carrying out treatment/goal plan.
  6. Support consumers during weekly MAT clinic including coordinating pick-up of MAT medications and brief check-ins.
  7. Attend weekly supervision and consultation meetings.
  8. Complete accurate, concise, and timely case notes for every contact with peer consumers in Journey and Dane County databases.
  9. Maintain appropriate positive, professional interpersonal relationships with staff, peers, consumers, volunteers and other stakeholders.
  10. Attend and participate in trainings as interested and required with supervisor approval.
  11. Work with program MAT Team Leader/Manager, MAT Program Coordinator, and Program Support Staff to develop and carry out outreach activities including but not limited to presentations, informal and formal meetings, and/or information sessions.
  12. Maintain professional boundaries and abide by all applicable ethical and legal standards, including confidentiality and treatment rights.
  13. Support peer consumers in crisis; ensure their safety, assess for risk factors, and consult with other members of the treatment team.


  1. Shared office in a clinical setting that promotes communication with colleagues. Staff provide part of services in the community, not limited to homes, treatment centers, and participants’ place of employment. Staff are expected to travel throughout Dane County and transport participants when appropriate. The regular work week is Monday through Friday with scheduling flexibility to meet staff and program needs. Staff create their own schedule with consumers. Each day will look different based on specific job responsibilities and participant’s needs. Accommodations are available upon request.
  2. This position serves consumers that are receiving medication assisted treatment, which requires staff to occasionally drop off medication or coordinate pick up of medication.
  3. Population Served: JMHC consumers have a wide array of different backgrounds and experiences. Staff is expected to be comfortable working with Individuals with all of the following;
    1. Mental Health & Addiction Diagnosis
    2. Current Substance Use
    3. Criminal Backgrounds
    4. Multi-cultural Identities
    5. LGBTQIA+ Identities
    6. Varied Levels of Engagement in Services


Organization: Journey Mental Health Center

Job Location: Madison, WI

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