Social Worker Tech


To perform a variety of tasks to provide aid and general support to the Family Services Section under the direction of the Family Services Section Manager.  This position is targeted at college students that are pursuing a career in Social Work. It will allow the student to gain job experience while also attending college. The intent of the position is to transition to a full-time Case Manager or Licensed Social Worker with Bayfield County upon obtaining the degree. Hours and work schedule are flexible based upon class schedules.

Examples of Duties

  1. Provide services to include assessment, eligibility determination, coordination, information and referral, advocacy, and case management
  2. Helps determine the range of services needed through interviews, home visits, collateral contacts, etc
  3. Coordinates assists with, and/or provides services to assigned section consumers which may include:  ongoing case management; supervised visitation; monitoring compliance with agreements and court orders; scheduling meetings; staffing; researching resources; etc.
  4. Coordinates with assigned programs in processing referrals and services; preparing related paperwork; monitoring assignments; conducting home visits; monitoring expenditures; completing reports; etc.
  5. Processes releases of information; researches DHS service files for cross references, pulls client files; copies client data; etc.
  6. Maintains forms and information packets for staff; which may include: creating new reports or forms; modifying existing forms or reports; collating data packets; etc.
  7. Coordinates services with other agencies/disciplines/community members such as law enforcement, schools, attorneys, mental health, alcohol and other drug, etc.
  8. Completes case-related documents including correspondence, case decisions, and general documentation.
  9. Arranges and coordinates client services
  10. Participates in section and department meetings, work-related committees, and trainings.
  11. Provides informational presentations to others
  12. Participates in supervision/consultation
  13. Performs other duties as assigned.


  1.     Minimum of a two-year human services degree or has completed the first two years of a bachelor’s degree programAND is enrolled to complete a four-year bachelor’s degree from an accredited college that when completed qualifies to perform entry level social work in the state of Wisconsin, such as: sociology, psychology, criminal justice.
  2.     Interest in working with the target population of children and families.
  3.     Commitment to transition into a full-time vacant position with the Bayfield County Department of Human Services when graduate
  4.     Valid Wisconsin driver’s license and reliable transportation.

Supplemental Information

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

A.  Interpersonal Skills
1)   Recognizes and acknowledges the feelings of others and demonstrates respect for       families
2)   Recognizes family dynamics and how relationships affect success
3)    Identifies strengths and uses them to promoting change
4)    Facilitates a team approach
5)    Has the ability to engage families, gather information, and identify resources

B.    Personal/Professional Awareness
1)    Recognizes and respects needs and beliefs of others
2)    Understands that people can change and promotes positive change
3)    Understands their own bias
4)    Identifies personal strengths and limitations related to job duties
5)    Displays an ability to be decisive
6)    Displays openness to new information.

C.    Analytical Thinking
1)    Gathers sufficient information to facilitate good decision-making
2)   Identifies causes of situations or behaviors
3)   Displays an ability to gather information from a variety of sources; understands family situations/conditions/dynamics; and problem solves appropriately

D.    Communication Skills
1)    Facilitates open communication
2)    Communicates clearly and accurately, orally and in writing
3)    Uses interviewing techniques/methods to eliciting essential information

E.    Organizational Skills
1)    Uses effective time management techniques
2)    Completes all documentation accurately


Organization: Bayfield County Human Services Department

Job Location: Washburn, WI

Deadline: September 4, 2022

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