Assistant Professor in Social Work

The Social Work program at Providence College was first accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) in 1976, and has been continuously accredited since that time. Its graduates are highly regarded by employers and graduate programs in social work. Unique to this position is the small, personalized community of learning that characterizes the educational model at Providence College. The Department has approximately 60 majors and is a four-person department with three full time faculty and one full-time Field Education Director, which allows small class sizes and relationships with students that are supportive of their goals and aspirations. Our student body has grown increasingly diverse and a strong commitment to supporting the success of students from historically underrepresented social, economic, and cultural groups is preferred. The Department of Social Work and the college highly value student-centered and interactive pedagogy to support and mentor our students within and across disciplines. The faculty, with support of the college, are currently in the planning stages to develop an MSW program.

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