Marcia Liberson, MSSW ’72, MPH

I fondly remember starting grad school in the summer with a small class (including our past Director, Mel Morgenbesser!) and my first internship at the Diagnostic Unit relating to diagnosis of what we then called mental retardation in children. My first preceptor was Hans Seelig and also Mona Wasow worked there too. However, my major interest and concentration was  Probation and Parole but I could not find a job in that field after graduation so I transitioned to health care. I was a medical social worker for a short time but then went on to get my MPH in Hospital Administration and spent most of my career in health care administration of hospitals and health plans. However when I retired from full time positions I went back to per diem medical social work in order to still work with patients. I just retired from that position 1 month ago. I loved my few years in Madison at the university. I have been married almost 50 years, have 2 adult kids and 1 grand daughter. I have moved from Madison to Los Angeles, Oakland CA, Portland Oregon and now live in Walnut Creek, CA. Although I had varied positions I always felt that the core foundation of my work skills came from being a social worker. I am proud to have been one and it carries over into my volunteer work.