Deborah Reid Platt, MSSW

I went to UW graduate school directly from undergrad program at Indiana University in Social work. I was 21 and graduated early from UW by going to summer school. I had great academic preparation but I think it was the contacts with awesome professors and field placements (Dane County Hospital for mentally ill and the Diagnostic Center for MR) who inspired me the most (Mona Waslow). I married, had 2 sons and now a 15 yo granddaughter who is the delight of our life. I worked professionally as a social worker for 40 plus years in Indiana, New Mexico and Texas where we have now lived for last 40 years. I always say my clients got older as I did. I worked initially in pediatric hospital then general hospital, adolescent psych unit then adult psych and finally physical rehab units. I saw the shift in hospitals as nurses took on more of the traditional roles that social workers held. I was the case manager director for my last 10 years that blended social workers and nurses and felt strongly that the professional blend made a difference in our patient care. I learned the concept of interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary team work at UW School of Social Work and found it to be a powerful tool that many people did not have. I travel and enjoy retirement now.