CCS Clinical Team Manager

Position Overview
The CCS Clinical Team Manager position in our GROW CCS West program supports and oversees the day-to-day operations of the assigned Community Program within Journey Mental Health Center (JMHC). Primary duties include overseeing clinical services, hiring staff, projecting future staff needs, monitoring adherence to regulatory statutes, directly supervising staff and supervisors, representing JMHC in the community in the absence of, or along with JMHC administrative staff, designing and utilizing reporting mechanisms, providing consultation and training (including cross cultural), and providing direct services to a reduced case load of consumers. The CCS Clinical Team Manager also focusses on review of referrals, program development and expansion of services.
The CCS Clinical Team Manager monitors production hours of all staff within the program, supports staff and supervisors in managing caseloads, and supports the overall clinical service provision of the program. This position works closely with psychiatric prescribers around referrals and clinical rationale for treatment. The CCS Clinical Team Manager reports directly to the Director of Comprehensive Community Services. Minimum annual service hours expectation is 360.


  • Master’s Degree in Social Work, Rehabilitation Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Marriage and Family Therapy or related field with ability to bill Medical Assistance
  • LCSW, LPC, or LMFT licensure


  • Minimum of three years’ experience working in a community mental health and or substance abuse program with some supervisory experience.
  • Meets the requirements of DHS 36 CCS Service Director and DHS 63 Clinical Coordinator.
  • Commitment to work toward improving cultural sensitivity as demonstrated by valuing diversity, recognizing personal limitations in one’s competencies, and having the desire to improve.
  • Strong commitment to principles of normalization and to facilitating consumer participation in treatment/service planning and provision.
  • Extensive knowledge of psychotropic medications, their effects, and side effects.
  • Demonstrated ability to provide culturally and clinically sound case management services to people who have severe and persistent mental health, substance abuse, and co-occurring issues.
  • Strong verbal, writing, organizational, leadership and advocacy skills.
  • Possession of a valid driver’s license, a favorable driving record, adequate insurance (per WI law) and access to an automobile.


  • Fluency in Spanish as well as English.
  • Experience and ability with computer databases, particularly Macintosh systems
  • Substance Use Counselor Certification.

A.  Clinical

  1. Responsibility for the quality of community-based services provided to consumers and day to day consultation to staff in these programs.
  2. Develop and maintain skillset to provide services across the lifespan.
  3. Oversee the assessment and recovery/treatment planning process of DHS 36 and/or DHS 63 criteria through culturally sensitive, recovery oriented, trauma sensitive in-depth assessments within the context of the consumer’s perspectives and beliefs, while also coordinating with other community agencies as needed.
  4. Monitor and assess team members’ contact with consumers meets a degree sufficient to evaluate progress toward recovery/treatment plan goals.
  5. Provide or arrange for the provision of crisis management services as clinically and programmatically appropriate and necessary.
  6. With attention to required timelines, ensure that the clinical teams: maintain records of contacts and services, clinical charts, and correspondence, complete all paperwork and records required by administrative code, demonstrate good medical practice, and adherence to the contract with Dane County Human Services.

B.  Programmatic

  1. Program development in areas needed to support expansion services (i.e.: therapy, vocational, individual skill development, parent coach, parent peer, and/or peer support services).
  2. Attend clinical and clinical/administrative management meetings, quarterly all supervisor’s meetings, JMHC Committee and ad-hoc change teams.
  3. Provide individual staff and supervisor supervision to team members including annual performance reviews.
  4. Ensure assigned program/staff meet budgetary and production requirements.
  5. Represent JMHC at community events or meetings as appropriates and assist in the education and orientation of new staff, students, visitors, and volunteers.
  6. Attend in-service training and conferences as authorized and directed.
  7. Provide clinically and culturally sensitive consultation, training, and education about community-based services to other JMHC staff and outside providers on clinical issues according to individual expertise.
  8. Assist in conducting ongoing and special chart audits for the program, including the collection of data for the reports to the County and any other required reporting. Participate in regular chart audits for clinical content and make recommendations to staff for improvement.


Organization: Journey Mental Health Center

Job Location: Madison, WI

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