Social Worker

Social Worker – Oakhill Correctional Institution – Fitchburg, WI

Oakhill is a 685 person State of Wisconsin correctional facility located just outside of Madison, WI

This position assesses assigned persons in our care problems and capabilities; formulates a case plan; monitors progress; provides counseling; and develops and refers inmates to appropriate institution and community resources upon transfer or release. Some of the tasks are governed by Administrative Rules, Department of Corrections and/or Institution mandates. In addition, treatment efforts are coordinated with other institution and unit staff, parole agents, the inmate’s family and/or community resources.


Applicants must possess a Social Worker credential issued by the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services in the form of a Social Worker Training Certificate, Social Worker certificate, Advanced Practice Social Worker certificate, Licensed Clinical Social Worker license, or Independent Clinical Social Worker certificate.


  • Experience applying social work methods and treatment techniques
  • Knowledge of dynamics of human relations, including the dynamics of dealing with intellectual, academic, emotional, physical or social disabilities
  • Experience facilitating group and individual counseling
  • Knowledge of culturally different values
  • Experience applying motivational interviewing techniques
  • Experience identifying and solving problems
  • Knowledge of investigation procedures
  • Experience in case planning
  • Knowledge of community resources and support programs

NOTE: To be considered at the Senior level, applicants must meet the above special requirement AND have 12+ months of social work experience with correctional clients or 2+ years of social work experience in another state, county, or tribal agency (other than DOC).

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Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $25.78 – $28.70 per hour

For More Information:

Tracy Dunwald/HR Director

608 835-6005,