Aaron Brower, Ph.D.

Professor and Interim Chancellor of the UW Colleges and UW-Extension

Ph.D., Social Work & Psychology, University of Michigan,1985
M.A., Psychology, University of Michigan,1984
MSW, University of Michigan,1982
B.A., Psychology, University of Michigan,1980

Office Address: 
401 Extension Building (432 N Lake Street)
(608) 262-6151

College success and transition to college, educational innovations and evaluation, integrative and immersion learning, group work, social work theory.


Aaron Brower's scholarship and teaching focuses on the transition from high school to college, and on a variety of issues related to college student life and “integrative learning” innovations in college education.  The basic idea is that academic and social outcomes are produced when college environments blend in- and out-of-class learning and experiences to create communities of students, faculty and staff who share common learning goals (i.e., learning communities).

Recent Publications: 
Soldner, M., Inkelas K. K., & Brower A. M. (2011).  Learning Communities. (Salakind, N J, Ed.).Encyclopedia of Educational Psychology.
Brower, A. M., Keyton J., & Moreland R. L. (2010).  The Way We Were. Small Group Research. 41(1), 85 - 90.
Brower, A. M., & Ceglarek S. L. (2007).  Changing the Culture of High-Risk Drinking. Creating and Maintaining Safe College Campuses.

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