MSW Application Status

After you have submitted your online application, continue to monitor the status of your application. Watch for email communications from the UW-Madison Graduate School explaining how to do this. For more information, review the FAQs and other materials at Graduate School Admissions.
Application Issues

It is your responsibility to ensure you submit all of your application materials correctly. Due to the increase in volume of submitted applications near the deadline, it could take up to four weeks for our admissions staff to check off receipt of your materials and identify any application issues. We highly recommend you submit your application early so that any issues can be identified and addressed prior to the deadline. After the deadline has passed, applications with identified issues will be considered incomplete and not be reviewed.

Admission Decisions

Applicants to the Full-Time MSW Program will be notified throughout early March.

Applications to the Part-Time MSW Program will begin to be reviewed in December. Applicants will be notified approximately 8 weeks after submitting their complete application. 

School of Social Work Notification

You will receive an email with a letter attached from the School of Social Work informing you of the MSW Admissions Committee's decision regarding your application. If the Committee recommends you be accepted, the letter will also include notification that we have submitted your name to the Graduate School for final approval for admission.

The Graduate School Notification

When the Graduate School approves the School of Social Work’s recommendation of acceptance, they will also notify you via email in addition to updating your online application status check page. The email will contain your 10 digit Campus ID number, which you originally received in an email from the Graduate School upon submitting your application. This ID number is required for future correspondence with the School of Social Work and University.

It is critical that you carefully read and follow all instructions from these correspondences. Please retain these communications for future reference.