Berger Honored with Faculty Achievement Award

Lawrence Berger, professor of social work, director of the School of Social Work Doctoral Program and director of the Institute for Research on Poverty, was selected for the 2016 School of Social Work Faculty Achievement Award.


School of Social Work Director Stephanie Robert stated that Berger has made considerable contributions as an excellent and productive colleague, an accomplished researcher, a strong mentor, and a helpful and supportive member of the School of Social Work faculty.


Berger studies how socioeconomic factors (family structure and composition, economic resources) and public policies influence parental behaviors and child and family wellbeing. His recent research focuses on the roles of factors such as family complexity, consumer debt, and housing (in)stability vis-à-vis individual and family functioning, parenting, and child development. 


While at Wisconsin, Professor Berger has emerged as a preeminent scholar with path-breaking theoretical and empirical contributions to the field of child welfare, public policy, and child and family wellbeing. 

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