School of Social Work Contacts


School of Social Work

University of Wisconsin-Madison

1350 University Avenue

Madison, WI 53706

Building Hours: 7am - 7pm, M - F

Building and Area Maps




Phone Numbers

General: (608) 263-3660

Fax: (608) 890-1634

Director's Office: (608) 263-4813

Advising & Admissions:
Full-Time Programs: (608) 263-3660
Part-Time MSW Prog: (608) 263-3576

Ph.D. Program: (608) 263-3835

Field Program: (608) 263-4813

Part-Time MSW Program: (608) 263-3576, Tuesday-Saturday

Part-Time MSW Program (toll free): 888-393-1049, Tuesday-Saturday

Alumni Relations and Development: (608) 262-3561



Director: Stephanie A. Robert, Ph.D., MSW

Associate Director/Director of Undergraduate Programs: Betty Kramer, Ph.D.

Assistant Director: William A. Heiss, MSSW

Director of Field Education: Audrey Conn, MSW

Associate Director of Field: Amanda Ngola, MSW, LCSW

Part-Time MSW Program Director: Betty Kramer, Ph.D.

Ph.D. Program Chair: Katherine Magnuson, Ph.D.

Department Administrator: David Barger


Academic Advisors

Undergraduate and Full-Time MSW Programs

Academic Advisor: Belinda Velazquez, MSSW

Academic Advisor: Mary Paulauskis, MSSW

Part-Time MSW Program

Academic Advisor: Cynthia McMillan, MSW, LCSW



Full-Time MSW Program: Full-Time MSW Admissions Office

Part-Time MSW Program: Part-Time MSW Admissions Office

Ph.D. Program: Ph.D. Admissions Office

BSW Program: BSW Admissions Office


Program Coordinators

Title IV-E Child Welfare Training Program Coordinator: Ellen Smith, MSSW

Part-Time MSW Program Coordinator: Stephanie Van Pay, MSW


Specialty Services Team

Access and Accommodation Resource Coordinator (AARC): Bill Heiss, MSSW

Sexual Harassment Liaison: Tracy Schroepfer, Ph.D.

Minority Student Liaison: Belinda Velazquez, MSSW

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