NASW-WI FAQs Guide to Continuing Education and Social Work Certification

The following information comes from the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Wisconsin Chapter's web site on the State of Wisconsin's continuing education requirement for maintaining social work certification. The School offers workshops and other events for continuing education credit. Check our Current Events section for upcoming events.


This is not a complete listing of all information available on this question. For more information, see the NASW Wisconsin Chapter website or the State of Wisconsin's Department of Safety and Professional Services website.


How many hours of continuing education are required for social workers certified in Wisconsin?

30 hours of continuing education activities must be completed every two years.

Additionally, Chapter MPSW 19.03 Approved continuing education (1)(f) states “(f) Public and private agencies that provide in−house training and development programs. Only 15 of the required 30 continuing education credit hours shall be met through in−house training and development programs which are not approved by an organization identified in pars. (a) to (e).


I understand that if I become certified for the first time during the last two months of the certification period I don't have to renew until the end of the following two-year period. Does this mean that I am exempt from the continuing education requirements until the end of the following two-year period?

No. Even though you are not paying for the last two months or less of the certification period, your certification has still started before the July 1 beginning of the new certification period and you are therefore responsible for completing 30 hours by the end of certification period.

Please note that 1 college credit being equal to 10 CEH


Are there any specific topics I need to include in my 30 hours?

Yes, the rules require that at least two hours be completed in social work ethics and two hours in issues concerning professional boundaries.


My agency provides in-service training for social workers. Will this count for continuing education?



I have just moved to Wisconsin from another state. What are my continuing education requirements?

Applicants from other states applying for reciprocity must submit proof of completion of at least 30 hours of continuing education substantially meeting the requirements of this chapter within the 2-year certification period prior to application.


What information do you have on School Social Work licensure?

Please see the Wisconsin School Social Work Requirements for details.



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