Directory - All Faculty and Staff

Name Title Phone
Marissa Abbott Marissa Abbott
Kristy Anderson Kristy Anderson
David Barger David Barger Department Manager (608) 262-3562
Amy Basel Amy Basel Field Program Assistant (608) 263-4813
Lawrence M. Berger Lawrence M. Berger, MSW, PhD Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor, Director of the Institute for Research on Poverty (608) 263-6332
Norma Berkowitz, MSSW Clinical Assistant Professor Emerita (608) 231-3198
Lauren Bishop-Fitzpatrick Lauren Bishop-Fitzpatrick, MSW, PhD Assistant Professor
Jacquelyn Boggess, JD Lecturer (608) 262-5766
John Borquist, MSSW, LCSW Field Faculty Associate (608) 347-6488
Sara Boughton Sara Boughton, LCSW Lecturer (Eau Claire)
Jennifer Braunginn Jennifer Braunginn, MSW, CISW Field Faculty Associate
Lindsay Brekke, MSW, LSW Adjunct Lecturer (Eau Claire)
Aaron Brower Aaron Brower, MSW, PhD Professor, Provost and Vice Chancellor of UW Extension (608) 262-6151
Michael Bruce, MSSW Adjunct Lecturer
Joan K. Burns, MSSW Clinical Professor Emerita
Yixia Cai Yixia Cai
Maria Cancian Maria Cancian, PhD Professor (608) 265-9037
Rosemarie Carbino, MSW Clinical Professor Emerita (608) 263-3675
Emma Carpenter Emma Carpenter
Ron Chance, AM Field Faculty Associate
Pajarita Charles Pajarita Charles, MPA, MSW, PhD Assistant Professor (608) 263-3834
Audrey Conn Audrey Conn, MSSW, APSW Clinical Associate Professor, Director of Field Education (608) 263-1032
Annette Copa, MSW, LCSW Lecturer (Eau Claire) (715) 492-1439
Thomas Corbett, PhD Assistant Professor Emeritus
Molly Costanzo Molly Costanzo
Kris Craker Kris Craker Payroll & Benefits Specialist (608) 262-2299
Marah Curtis Marah A. Curtis, MSW, PhD Associate Professor (608) 263-3838
Peter Doksus Database Programmer (608) 263-3578
Joe Dooley Joe Dooley, PhD Senior Lecturer (608) 262-5755
Yonah Drazen Yonah Drazen
Laura Dresser Laura Dresser, MSW, PhD Clinical Assistant Professor (608) 262-6944
Rachel Dunn, MSW, LCSW Adjunct Lecturer
Jacob Dunn, LCSW Adjunct Lecturer (608) 263-3660
Heather Edge, MSW, LCSW Adjunct Lecturer
Tricia Egan Patricia Egan
Alice Egan, MSW Lecturer
Gerald G. Eggleston Gerald G. Eggleston Event Coordinator (608) 263-4631
Jennifer Fahy, AM Lecturer
Jeanne Ferguson, MSSW Adjunct Lecturer
Beverly Flanigan, MSSW Clinical Professor Emerita
Tora Frank Victoria Frank
Heidi Frank, MSW, LCSW Field Faculty Associate (Eau Claire)
Roberta Gassman Roberta Gassman, MSSW Senior Fellow (608) 263-4574
Lara Gerassi Lara B. Gerassi, PhD, LCSW Assistant Professor (608) 263-6356
Jan Steven Greenberg Jan Steven Greenberg, MSSW, PhD Professor, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education
Angela Guarin Angela Maria Guarin Aristizabal
Kit Hand Kit Hand Student Services Assistant (608) 263-3660
Darald Hanusa Darald Hanusa, PhD Senior Lecturer (608) 263-6337
Rebecca Hays, MSW APSW Adjunct Lecturer (608) 819-0324
Brenda Heideman, LCSW Adjunct Lecturer
William Heiss William Heiss, MSSW, LCSW Assistant Director (608) 263-7147
Michelle Helmer, MSW Part-Time MSW Program Site Director, Eau Claire (715) 836-5365
Meghan M. Henderson, MSW, LCSW Adjunct Lecturer
Youhung Her-Xiong
Alan Irgang Alan Irgang, MSW, LCSW Senior Lecturer
Meghan Jenkins Morales Meghan Jenkins Morales
Martin Keane, MSSW Adjunct Lecturer
Daniel Kigeya, MSSW Lecturer (608) 628-4240
Sandy Kohn, MSSW, LCSW Clinical Associate Professor Emerita
Betty J. Kramer Betty J. Kramer, MSSW, PhD Professor, Associate Director, Director of the Part-Time MSW Program (608) 263-3830
Diane Kravetz, PhD Professor Emerita
Kathleen Krchnavek Kathleen Krchnavek, MSSW Adjunct Field Lecturer (608) 217-9269
Nicole Kruschke Part-Time MSW Program Office Manager-Eau Claire (715) 836-2777
Amy Kucin, LCSW, SACIT Adjunct Lecturer
Nicole Lairson Student Status Examiner Senior (608) 263-3576
Joshua Lapin, MSW Adjunct Field Lecturer
Katie Larsen-Klodd, MSW Field Faculty Associate (608) 263-3831
Tim Latimer, MSW Field Faculty Associate (608) 262-5755
David LeCount David LeCount, MSW, LCSW Field Faculty Associate (608) 263-6338
Jason Lee Jason Lee, MS Communications and Development Specialist (608) 262-3561
Eric Linn-Miller, MSW Adjunct Lecturer
Katherine Magnuson Katherine Magnuson, PhD Professor, Doctoral Program Chair (608) 263-4812
Marsha Mailick Marsha Mailick, PhD Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education (608) 262-1044
Ernest Marshall Adjunct Lecturer
Alison Meier, MSW, CAPSW Lecturer
Julia Messenger, MSW, LICSW Adjunct Lecturer (Eau Claire)
Daniel R. Meyer Daniel R. Meyer, MSW, PhD Professor (608) 263-6335
Susan Michaud, PhD Faculty Associate, Title IV-E Program Coordinator Emerita
Lucas Moore, MSW Adjunct Lecturer
Mel Morgenbesser Mel Morgenbesser, MSW Clinical Professor Emeritus (608) 263-3670
Tally Moses Tally Moses, MSW, PhD Associate Professor (608) 263-3674
Elizabeth Moua, MSW Adjunct Lecturer (Eau Claire)
Michelle Murray, MSW, LCSW Adjunct Lecturer
Eun Ha Namkung Teaching Assistant
Amanda Neckar, MSW, LCSW Adjunct Field Lecturer (Eau Claire)
Margaret Neuman Margaret Neuman, MSW, LCSW Adjunct Lecturer (Eau Claire)
Joy P. Newmann, PhD Professor Emerita
Amanda Ngola Amanda Ngola, MSW, LCSW Clinical Assistant Professor, Associate Director of Field (608) 265-4570
Jeanne Nutter Jeanne Nutter, MSW Academic Advisor, Part-Time MSW Program (Eau Claire site) (715) 836-3603
Stephanie Ochocki, DSW, LICSW Adjunct Lecturer
Leah Olson-McBride, PhD Assistant Professor at UW-Eau Claire
Lori A. Pacourek, MSSW Adjunct Field Lecturer (Eau Claire)
Holly Pagel, MSW, LCSW Field Faculty Associate
Mary Paulauskis Mary Paulauskis, MSSW Academic Advisor (608) 263-3660
Allen Pincus, PhD Professor Emeritus
Mechele Pitt, MSSW, LICSW, LCSW Lecturer
Russ Portier Russ Portier, MEd Assistant to the Directors (608) 263-3616
Stefanie Primm Adjunct Field Lecturer (608) 219-8178
Aaron Raasch Aaron Raasch University Services Associate 2 (608) 263-5695
Stephanie Robert Stephanie A. Robert, MSW, PhD Professor, Director (608) 263-6336
Joan Robertson, PhD Professor Emerita
Alejandra Ros Pilarz Alejandra Ros Pilarz, PhD Assistant Professor
Jennifer Rubin, MSW Adjunct Lecturer
Gustie Saganski Gustie Saganski Graduate Coordinator (608) 263-3835
Roxanne Sanderson, MSW, LICSW Adjunct Lecturer (Eau Claire)
Martha Saucedo, MSW Lecturer
Amy Scarr, MSSW, APSW Adjunct Lecturer
Amy Schmitz, MSW Lecturer
Tracy Schroepfer Tracy Schroepfer, MSW, PhD Professor (608) 263-3837
Jake Schuldies, LCSW Adjunct Lecturer
Eric Seaberg Eric Seaberg Payroll & Benefits Specialist (608) 263-3347
Sonu Sethi Sonu Sethi, MSW Academic Advisor, Part-Time MSW Program (608) 263-6330
Kristen Shook Slack Kristen Shook Slack, AM, PhD Professor (608) 263-4630
Peggy Sleeper, MSSW, LCSW Clinical Associate Professor Emerita (608) 262-4553
Ellen Smith Ellen Smith, MSSW Clinical Associate Professor, Child Welfare Training Coordinator (608) 263-5612
E. Kent Smith E. Kent Smith, MSSW, CISW, LSSW Adjunct Field Lecturer (Eau Claire)
Lynette Studer Lynette Studer, MSW, PhD, LCSW Clinical Assistant Professor (608) 263-3677
Ashley Sturz, MSW Adjunct Lecturer (Eau Claire)
Naomi Takahashi, MSW, LCSW Adjunct Field Lecturer
Julie Tallard Johnson, MSW Adjunct Lecturer (Eau Claire)
Mary Ann Test, PhD Professor Emerita
Teresa Thomas, MSW Lecturer
Zachary Todd, MSW Lecturer (Eau Claire)
Stephen Tupper Stephen Tupper, MSW Field Faculty Associate (608) 262-5755
Michelle Turner Adjunct Lecturer
Sarah Valencia Sarah Valencia, MSW, APSW Adjunct Lecturer
Stephanie Van Pay Stephanie Van Pay, MSSW Part-Time MSW Program Coordinator (608) 265-4569
Belinda Velazquez Belinda Velazquez, MSSW Academic Advisor (608) 263-3660
Mona Wasow, MSSW Clinical Professor Emerita
Susan Kidd Webster, MSSW Senior Lecturer Emerita
Angela Willits Angela Willits, MSW, LCSW Clinical Assistant Professor (608) 262-4630
Thomas Wirth, MSSW Lecturer (Eau Claire) (715) 839-4870
Susan Wolfgram, PhD Adjunct Lecturer (Eau Claire)
Vivian Wood, PhD Professor Emerita
Mary Wylie, PhD Professor Emerita
Yang Sao Xiong Yang Sao Xiong, PhD Assistant Professor (608) 263-6338
Amanda Zuehlke, MSW, APSW Field Faculty Associate