Directory - Faculty

Name Title Phone
Lawrence M. Berger Lawrence M. Berger, MSW, PhD Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor, Director of the Institute for Research on Poverty (608) 263-6332
Lauren Bishop-Fitzpatrick Lauren Bishop-Fitzpatrick, MSW, PhD Assistant Professor
Pajarita Charles Pajarita Charles, MPA, MSW, PhD Assistant Professor (608) 263-3834
Audrey Conn Audrey Conn, MSSW, APSW Clinical Associate Professor, Director of Field Education (608) 263-1032
Marah Curtis Marah A. Curtis, MSW, PhD Associate Professor (608) 263-3838
Laura Dresser Laura Dresser, MSW, PhD Clinical Assistant Professor (608) 262-6944
Lara Gerassi Lara B. Gerassi, MSW, PhD Assistant Professor (608) 263-6356
Jan Steven Greenberg Jan Steven Greenberg, MSSW, PhD Professor, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education
Jooyoung Kong Jooyoung Kong, MSW, PhD Assistant Professor (608) 265-5913
Betty J. Kramer Betty J. Kramer, MSSW, PhD Professor (608) 263-3830
Katherine Magnuson Katherine Magnuson, PhD Professor (608) 263-4812
Daniel R. Meyer Daniel R. Meyer, MSW, PhD Professor (608) 263-6335
Tally Moses Tally Moses, MSW, PhD Associate Professor (608) 263-3674
Amanda Ngola Amanda Ngola, MSW, LCSW Clinical Assistant Professor, Associate Director of Field Education (608) 265-4570
Stephanie Robert Stephanie A. Robert, MSW, PhD Professor, Director (608) 263-6336
Alejandra Ros Pilarz Alejandra Ros Pilarz, PhD Assistant Professor
Tracy Schroepfer Tracy Schroepfer, MSW, PhD Professor (608) 263-3837
Kristen Shook Slack Kristen Shook Slack, AM, PhD Professor, Doctoral Program Chair (608) 263-4630
Ellen Smith Ellen Smith, MSSW Clinical Associate Professor, Associate Director, Child Welfare Training Coordinator (608) 263-5612
Lynette Studer Lynette Studer, PhD, LCSW Clinical Assistant Professor (608) 263-3677
Tova Walsh Tova Walsh, PhD Assistant Professor (608) 263-6356
Angela Willits Angela Willits, MSW, LCSW Clinical Assistant Professor, Part-Time MSW Program Director (608) 262-4630
Yang Sao Xiong Yang Sao Xiong, PhD Assistant Professor (608) 263-6338