Diversity in School Programs

Support for students of color

  • We offer a mentor program in which students of color work closely with faculty, advisors, and community practitioners;
  • We promote opportunities for students of color, majority students, staff and faculty to share experiences, support one another, and collaborate on issues of concern;
  • We organize an annual spring brunch for prospective and graduating students of color and their families;
  • We sponsor speakers and workshops for American Indian Heritage Month, Asian American Heritage Month, Black History Month, and Latino Heritage Month, as well as hold events on GLBT issues.

Multicultural Field Placements

All field units and courses for the Bachelor's in Social Work and the Master's in Social Work provide knowledge and skills to work with diverse populations. Students address issues related to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and class; as well as issues related to discrimination and oppression.


The School of Social Work works with the a number of agencies to offer students multicultural field placement options. Check out the Field Handbook for more information on field placement options.


Student Organizations

Visit Student Involvement - Student Organizations and School Committees for more information on how our faculty, staff, and students support a diverse environment on campus.


Elective courses

Social Work courses for undergrads and grads:

  • SW 657 Understanding Latino Families and Communities
  • SW 659 Aspects of International Social Work
.....and for doctoral students:
  • SW 952 Race and Ethnicity in Research Methods

Students can broaden their understanding of cultural issues by taking elective courses in the following departments across campus:


For more information:

Visit the following links for more information on these programs:

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