Focus on Diversity

The School of Social Work and the UW-Madison welcome and strongly encourage applications from persons of color; lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender persons; and persons with disabilities.

Cultural competence and appreciation for diversity reflect professional values central to the field of social work. Faculty and staff strive to promote diversity and cultural competence, as well as to support a body of students who bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and talent into our program. Hence, increased representation of underrepresented minority students not only enhances the classroom learning experience for both minority and majority students, but is essential for a stronger, overall social work profession and discipline.


  • The School offers a number of multicultural field placements; a curriculum in which students may take a range of courses both within and outside the School that are focused on preparation for practice with populations of color, women, elders, persons with disabilities and clients of various sexual orientations and gender expressions. 
  • We offer an advanced generalist practice specialization with focus areas in Aging; Children, Youth and Family; Health; or Mental Health. We also offer a series of diversity-focused programs throughout the academic year to continue the learning experience outside the classroom. All of these opportunities are designed to enhance students' knowledge and skills in working with diverse populations.


Currently the School, along with other departments on campus and the College of Letters and Science are engaged in a collaborative effort to improve the coordination of diversity-related activities across campus and across universities as well.


The University of Wisconsin-Madison is committed to diversity and welcomes students who have varied cultural experiences or educationally or economically disadvantaged backgrounds.


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